Laravel 5 is the latest version is available now. Laravel 5.0.1 has restructured framework architecture in the latest delivery of Laravel 5.6. The company has leading simplified the Method Injection. The new route-caching feature has been added to Artisan. Let’s have a look over some of the most important features of Laravel 5.

Route caching

Route caching feature rate up against the application route registration. This feature is perfectly matched for you if your application has a large number of routes. You can utilize PHP artisan route: cache and PHP artisan route.


The Contract is fundamentally a set of interfaces that define the core services. If you need caching in the package, you can reach that using IlluminateContractscache. You can do cache programming anywhere in the code using the real cache class without changing the package code. All these happen to the Application.php file under IlluminateFoundationFolder.

New directory structure

It is a structural small change that you might perception first. Laravel 5.0.1 device PSR-4 withholding level. All the classes are totally name spaced now. Storage, Database folder, and Config are proceeded one level up from the new structure. Everything else within folder works exactly the same as the above version.


Authentication is the most major part of any development and web applications spent extensive time writing the authentication code. Authentication has become easy with this update in Laravel 5. Laravel 5 contains the ready to use inbuilt authentication system. You just need to configure, models, database migrations, and controllers, views to make the system work.

Multiple file system

Laravel 5 supplies the native carry of multiple file system. You can use any of the Cloud-based storage or local, to provide easy configuration. You can configure storage choice in config. PHP file. You can also bypass all file system façade in the application and work directly disk façade.

Latest versions of Laravel 5. Many features here, For example, Commands, Laravel Socialite, Request Object, Task Scheduling, and Queue etc. Laravel 5 have upgraded a numerous from the architectural perspective. It also effort seamlessly for code maintenance and organisation.