Amazon has recently patented an idea that tackles the potential problems of a drone being hijacked. This patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

With bundle conveying unmanned elevated vehicles (UAVs) flying out of Amazon stockrooms to customers, there could be incidental endeavours by ne’er-do-wells to cut down the flying machines to take the merchandise.

While Amazon patent makes no say of thieves with giant butterfly nets as they endeavour to get the drones, it talks of endeavours to interfere with their communication systems, enabling the culprit to cut the machine down so they can catch whatever goods it happens to carry.

Amazon says in the patent: “As the use of UAVs continues to increase, so does the likelihood of hostility towards UAVs. Such hostility may come in the payloads, crash the UAVs, and otherwise, cause disruption to the operation of the UAVs).”


It also says: “Using these attacks, nefarious individuals and/or systems may be able to obtain control of the UAVs by hacking the communication signals being sent to the UAVs from a controller and/or being sent by the UAV to the controller.” Amazon says “could cause the UAVs to operate unsafely and could also result in a considerable financial loss for their operators.”

Amazon drone-related licenses so far incorporate everything from apiaries like drone towers and parachute drops to chapel steeple charging stations and self-destructing frameworks for breaking down machines. It even has one for a “flying distribution centre” that would float above urban regions and go about as a base for the conveyance rambles. Since we’d get a kick out of the chance to see.

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