In these metropolitan cities, the number of transportations has increased. The honest fact is more populations lead to more pollution. Everyone wishes to travel and explore different places. But the major drawback is traffic, and there are no proper parking spaces. But with the advent of technology, we may solve this problem. Do you want to start a new venture at the same time it’s worth your money? Then begin a space rental business with the help of the best parking booking script.

Believe! It could be a revenue-worth business for a new budding entrepreneur. First, you have to buy the best parking space booking script. Then connect the space rental owners in your platforms who have a space in the highly-traffic areas. Automatically, vehicle owners connect with you and pre-book their parking space while their traveling times. 

What Is A Parking Booking Script?

Parking Booking Script is the place to pre-book the parking space online. The advent of parking booking scripts is to minimize the work of vehicle owners and make it easy for them to pre-book the vehicle parking space online. Space rental owners can list their space and earn infinite revenue through the Parking booking script. Abservetech provides the standalone features which make you win this competitive world and get a high ROI. 

Who Are All Involved In Our Online Parking Booking Script? 

Conceptually, in every online business, there are three main stakeholders involved. Like in our online parking booking script, there are three people involved in this software. 

  1. Admin
  2. Space Owner
  3. Vehicle Owner


You are the admin who starts this marketplace business and manages all the functionality of the software. Moreover, he used to monitor the users and handle the payout for the space owners. 

Space Owners

Space owners are the person who has an own parking space can list their places by explicitly showing the parking place, price, and availability and earn high revenue.,

Vehicle Owners

Those looking for a space to park their vehicle can be the users. They can rent a parking space for a specific period. 

What Do Abservetech Offer?

We, Abservetech, provide the best installments for your business. It is the most needed part of your online parking booking script. 

  1. Front-end website
  2. Admin Panel
  3. Android App
  4. IOS App

Revenue Making Features Of Our Online Parking Booking Script

In our parking space booking script, we incorporate unique features that make your business stand ahead of your competitors.,

Here are they, 

  1. Multiple sign-in / registration
  2. Hourly / monthly based booking
  3. Advanced filter option
  4. Listing option
  5. Discount management
  6. Pricing management
  7. Profile management
  8. Detailed booking option

Multiple sign-in / registration

To make our customers comfortable, we can provide multiple sign-in options. They can effortlessly sign up with a Mail id and Social Media credentials [such as Google and Facebook]. 

Hourly / monthly based booking

Both hourly or monthly-based subscriptions are available in our online parking booking script. A user can rent their parking space based on their preference.

Advanced filter option

A user can search for a parking space by using the advanced filter option. They can concise their search by giving a location, space type, cost, and so on. Easy, cozy options to use. 

Listing option

This option is for space providers to list their parking spaces for rent. They can set their listing by providing explicit details of parking space and the cost of the parking space. 

Discount management

This option is for Admins of our software to offer discounts for the end-users. Using this option, we can promote our brand and pull more customers into our business. 

Pricing management

An admin can manage the pricing management. Using this option, they can generate new customers with low cost or discount offers [ like the first 100 members have 50% offers ]. 

Profile management

It is managed by everyone who is involved in our parking booking script. A user, administrative, space provider can maintain a separate profile by using this option.

Detailed booking option

To ensure the customer’s safety, we incorporate this option. Using this option, a space provider can specify their space with detailed information like images, price, policies, etc.

Over To The End

Do you have the interest to launch the best space rental business? Then why are you waiting? Now! We are giving exciting discounts and the best offers of our scripts. 

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