Facebook has recently rolled out “unsend” feature for Messenger, It is currently available for only several countries around the world.

It came as a lifesaver for guys, who accidentally send messages to the wrong ones.

A new button seen at the bottom of chat threads now offers the users to remove the message from all devices receiving that message. A user can delete that message on or before 10 Minutes, reported by the TechCrunch.

How to use this ‘Unsend’ feature?

For using this feature, a user has to do long-press the Facebook message that the user wants to delete and then tap on the ‘Remove’ option appears at the bottom of the screen.


Whether this message will be deleted only for my phone or everyone?

Once a user deleted a sent message, that message will be deleted for everyone. And there will be a Facebook message saying “You’ll permanently delete this message for all chat members. They can see you deleted a message and still report it.”

And then tap on “remove” to confirm it.

The original Facebook message will be replaced with “Message has been removed”.

This feature is rolled out in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania on Wednesday.Facebook reported,

“This feature will be available for users globally as soon as possible”.

The “Unsend” feature only gives you only 10 minutes to erase it from all the devices received that message.

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