Buying and selling goods is a no more big deal because now both buying and selling goods can be done on a common platform, all you need is your smartphone to buy and sell items. To make both the buyers and sellers to get maximum exposure. Abservetech has stepped with a well-defined and well-built product named Adstar which is an online classifieds app that holds all the best and name worth features. This cloned app named Adstar works on both Android and iOS platform.

They provide a good user interface where you can post ads, search cars, homes, jobs, and others. Some of the other best and well known online classifieds apps are Gum Tree, USA Today, eBay, Oodle, OLX, LetGo, etc., where you can search for online classifieds ads in your local area or proximity. Some of the best features provided by these classified portals are you can get the best deal by directly contacting the owner. Your product can be well described and it can also be easily sold.

Easy and Advanced search option facilities are been provided by the app. If a buyer needs a simple product with no particular specifications they can go for an easy search option. Whereas if they need any product with the demanded specification, then they have to choose the advanced search option.


Online classifieds app, It is all about a single account management system, with a single account you can search products, buy things and sell products, this removes the need for multiple account management. A confidential communication platform is been provided which paves the way for better communication between the seller and the buyer no intermediaries or middleman communication is required. Another best feature provided by the app is no premises or building is required to buy or sell things it is all about a virtual setup. This app creates an attractive feature by making use of vibrant colors and extraordinary design elements.

The search portal helps to display products in the related category and the products can be filtered easily using filter and sort by options. The messaging system and instant chat option help to contact the buyer and the seller easily. Multilingual option facilitates users from every region to use the app. The other distinctive features are favourite items can be added to the cart On the whole, Abservetech provides you Adstar – online classifieds app with all the best features to enhance your business in both buying and selling.