Some of our favourite features in Windows 10 were born 20 years ago. This is exactly two decades ago. In this day Microsoft introduced Windows 98 Operating system to the world. This Operating system showed the world what computers can do.

At that time, during the introduction of Windows 98, some of the critics have told it was just a minor update from Windows 95, as the operating system has the similar interface to Windows 95. Here we are celebrating the twentieth birthday of Windows 98. And we are seeing the clearer picture of the legacy of OS, some features of Windows 98 are continually found throughout the 20-year-old career.

Windows start button has debuted on Windows 95, however, the ability to customise the button has started in windows 98. Users can pin their frequently used programs at the top.

This new start menu also has established new pavement for supporting multiple users on the windows platform and another new feature in Windows 98 Operating System was a Quick Launch Bar, This Feature allowed users to pin their favourite programs in the task-bar without having to go through the start menu button. This is the most convenient feature and it is still on the windows 10.

Most users in the windows 98 have opted to pin their favourite programs just like bundled Internet Explorer, this strategy is still used in Microsoft and can be also seen in Windows 10 also. The Quick Launch bar could likewise have the Address Toolbar. The Address Toolbar is where you can type in a web address and it will dispatch you to your most loved webpage without expecting you to open a program first. In spite of the fact that it was, even more, an attachment for Internet Explorer on Microsoft’s part, it could be viewed as a forerunner to the now more universal Cortana search bar on Windows 10, enabling you to rapidly look through the web, peruse records, and dispatch applications.