In Instagram, test feature created a lot of chaos among the users. This was reported on Thursday, December 27, in which the Instagram users have shared the outrage over the re-design of the news feed that wants the users to slide through posts – mostly similar to the Instagram stories.

Instagram said the features were supposed to be tested to small groups of users that launched it to a huge user base.
The social media giant Instagram is currently testing an option that will make the news feed like Instagram Stories. In which the users have to slide the screen to move among the posts.


Instagram users have shared their outrage over the new design update in the news feed. Some users have even threatened to delete the Instagram app. Some of them pointed out there is an ad after every five taps. Others said update has forced more attention to each image.

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri said the feature “was supposed to be a very small test but we went broader than we first anticipated.” Instagram has restored the previous version of the news feed, and some users still need to close the app and re-open for the update.

Despite the user’s backlash, Instagram says it is still testing the feature. A much like this update, a similar feature has been in testing since October. Instagram users have proved there are resistant to any major changes.