Laravel PHP Framework will be the best framework in 2018 thanks to the creator Taylor Otwell. Laravel Popularity is increasing day by day, with more than 40,000 stars in Github.

Many Companies has been building websites with the laravel PHP framework only. Here in Abservetech, we are building the majority of
sites in laravel only.

PHP Framework

You may ask why Laravel?

The Major Advantages of using the laravel framework has been disclosed below,


The Documentation of the laravel PHP framework is well written. Whenever there is an update of laravel, documentation is written from the developer’s point of view. The Coding style and Commenting abilities were very consistent and detailed.


Laravel makes implementation of authentication techniques very simple. Every time a user logs in a token is generated which makes the hackers find extremely difficult to hack the website. Laravel provides a simple way to organise authorisation logic and control access to resources.


Laravel is an Object-Oriented framework, many of libraries are pre-installed ones. Some of the pre-installed libraries are CSRF
[Cross-site Request Forgery], Bcrypt Hashing, Encryption,Authentication etc.

MVC Pattern

The most heard reason for using laravel PHP framework is the MVC Pattern [Model-View-Controller]. MVC Pattern helps in better performance of the site and many built-in functionalities.

Blade Engine

Blade Templating Engine allows the users to use or pick the exact syntax whenever needed.


One of Killer feature will Laravel is Pagination. Laravel allows automatic pagination of data in the database. This came as a great help for the Laravel Developers.


Laravel Offers a build in tool named as the Artisan. A Laravel Developer can interact with the framework using the command line that creates and handles the laravel project environment.

Database Migration

It allows the developers to keep the database in the sync between the development machines. With the laravel database migration, you can make a lot of changes to the database. As long as you keep all the database work in migration and seeds, you can easily migrate the changes into any other development machine.



The Popularity of laravel framework is on the rise due to its incredible features. Also, it provides extensive support as well. Moreover, if you want to hire laravel developer we are always there for you. We the Abservetech has implemented more than 300+ Project with 99% Customer Satisfaction.