Shocking…!!!! No Back Button in Android Q

While Android P just rolling out for some brands, many are looking forward to Android Q some rumors and leaks about Android Q have started. We have absolutely no idea about what it may offer.

Here are some of the rumors about Android Q so far.

No Back Button?

According to XDA Developers, Google will improve gesture controls for Android Q. Google will replace the back button with a gestures control. To switch between apps, a user just needs to drag the home pill button to the left. It will allow them to switch between the apps easily.


Dark Theme?

According to the report from XDA Developers, Android may soon get a system-wide dark theme. It seems a user can schedule the dark theme based on the time. A user has an option such as “always on” or “always off”. It will work on most of Google stock apps. While in third-party apps, it may or may not work.

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Makeover to permissions on Android?

Google may completely change how permissions work in Android. The XDA report says the permissions can be limited to “Only while the app is in use”. Android users will also able to see “Permission Usage” graphics. It will show which permission is being used at any given time.


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