UberEats Clone Script, In a world filled with technologies, the number of people ordering online is rising rapidly. The number of working men and women are increasing over the past decade. Ordering food online has reducing cooking time for women and men. This cultural change has brought much business to online food ordering industries like Zomato, Swiggy, and UberEats. The success of UberEats has inspired many entrepreneurs and startups to invest their money in online food ordering.

As of 2020, there are lots of UberEats clone scripts available in the market. Among those online food ordering scripts, one of the best food ordering software is RebuEats. It is a script that performs all the action as in UberEats. RebuEats has coded with MEAN [MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js] Stack framework for the admin panel.

What is MEAN Stack?

The term MEAN Stack is a collection of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. MEAN Stack is open source javascript software used for developing dynamic web applications. It works from client to server to database.

Best UberEats Clone Script [RebuEats]:

Our RebuEats have coded with MEAN Stack for the admin panel. One of the advantages of using the MEAN is that it loads content much faster than the other frameworks. Our UberEats clone script consists of different panels and apps for every stack holder. We provide separate panels for admin, restaurant, and delivery boy in both Android and iOS platforms. Our UberEats clone script consists of all the main features in UberEats present in it. Some of the UberEats clone script features are.

1) Dashboard Analytics
2) Real-time order status
3) Accept / Reject order
4) Manage categories/products
5) Order status
6) Reviews
7) Payment management
8) Multiple categories

Dashboard Analytics:

All the important stats about the products are shown here in graphs. RebuEats admin can analyze the details and can change the leakage accordingly.

Real-time order status:

Our Ubereats clone scripts show the real-time navigation of the delivery boy to the corresponding customer. Its data is shown with the help of Google maps.

Accept / Reject order:

This option is available for the restaurant. A restaurant can accept or reject a customer food order based on the corresponding food item availability.

Manage categories / products:

A partner restaurant can manage categories, subcategories, products using this option in their partner panel.

Order Status:

The order status of every customer is shown via push notification to every customer. It helps a customer understand the order status of their food.

Payment Management:

By default, our UberEats clone script is embedded with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. By the use of the payment, RebuEats admin can manage payments easily.

Multiple languages & Currencies:

Our RebuEats can be integrated with any languages and currencies. We generally do this based on client expectations.

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