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Make Knowledge Free

Make knowledge free is a website developed to make sure that every common person educated of things that they concern everyone on a day to day basis. Like tax filling, GST, Passport application, booking of the car, etc.

- Amlan Dutta
Founder Of MKF


Yaiky is here to provide you with the trusted hosting & booking platform, where everyone can set their own deal easily from a big city or from a remote area of the world. It is a self-engineered easy to use tech platform and a trustworthy community.


The first ever local brand of vacation rentals in the Maldives, KOTARI aims in bringing you quality and unique vacation accommodations for every occasion. The first ever local brand of connecting travelers to their needed destination accommodations in the Maldives, KOTARI aims in bringing you quality and unique scenes of enjoyable spaces which sure of being fulfilling for you. Get to know the Maldives through the eyes of a true local with our vast range of rooms, apartments & local activities that you can take part in such as night fishing or wind surfing while staying in locations that won’t break the bank. We have a compiled unique portfolio of the best and most renowned providers of accommodation bookings for you, our customers, to search for in just one tap.



Omly is a best platform to group order food from wide range of caterers and restaurants with fine dishes for any events and occasions like wedding, corporate…

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