Food delivery apps have, over the years, become an integral part of our lives. They help us order food from anywhere and at any time of the day, saving us time and making our lives easier. Online food delivery software integrates essential features to ease the food ordering process. 

Various factors have contributed to the growth of the online food delivery services market. Lockdowns imposed a few years back were one of the chief factors that added a new dimension to the food ordering apps. With the restaurants closed for dining in, the food delivery apps served as the medium to bring customers their favorite food from them. It was the first time that millions of people used the services of food delivery apps. Facts state the same. The revenue of the top four food delivery companies in the US in 2020 more than doubled that of the income in 2019.

Even after lifting lockdowns, ordering food through online food delivery software has been the preferred choice of many people. This is because of the convenience food delivery software offers. People can enjoy services at their doorsteps without having to compromise their schedules. 

We provide solutions to help entrepreneurs build online food delivery software with our product FoodStar. Our feature-rich app will give your business a strategic positioning. With a competitive advantage, a company is looking at increased revenue. 

Business Model

The online food delivery software is a hyperlocal on-demand delivery business model. It aggregates restaurants and brings together delivery partners who take the food to customers. A food-ordering app connects consumers and restaurants, enabling the former to order food through the app. It helps restaurants in terms of getting increased visibility and boosting sales. 

Let us look at how a food delivery app works and who the customer segments are. 

Customer Segment

Consumers: People who wish to avoid going out to restaurants to order food use the services of food delivery apps to order food and receive it at the location of their preference. The app contains a list of restaurants and their menus. Users can choose any of the payment options provided by the app to make payments. 

Delivery Partners: They receive notifications when customers make their orders on the food delivery app. Their job is to pick the food up from restaurants and take it to the customers. 

Restaurant Partners: Restaurants partnering with food delivery apps can enjoy many benefits. Restaurants listed on the app get increased visibility and can reach a vast customer base. 

Revenue Model

We will discuss here how a food delivery app makes money. Advertising, delivery, and commission charges are some of the sources of income for a food-ordering app. 


Much of the income comes from advertising for food delivery apps. When a restaurant gets listed on a food delivery app, it automatically increases the chances of being discovered. The food delivery business gets paid a certain sum in return for this service. 

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are the payments that food delivery apps collect in exchange for their delivery services. When customers pay for their orders, they also get charged a certain sum as delivery charges. 

Surge Price

A surge fee is assigned when there are fewer delivery partners available. Food delivery software charges extra from customers on days like public holidays and rainy days. 

Features of FoodStar

While looking to start an online food delivery business, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the distinct features of the app. Food delivery software should be able to meet the precise goals of the business to maximize returns. That way, our product FoodStar is feature-rich and one of the best food-ordering apps. 

Order Scheduling

It allows users of the food delivery app to schedule their orders beforehand. In other words, users can get their meals at a preferred time. They can reschedule or cancel the order as they prefer. 

Advanced Filter Option

The filter option lets customers search for what they want by filtering by restaurants, ratings, etc. The results show up instantly, making way to order quickly. 

Contactless Delivery

For people who prefer to adhere to the guidelines because of the spread of COVID-19, the contactless delivery option will help them ensure that. The delivery partner receives a notification when a user opts for this. 

Add to Favorites

Users of the food delivery app can add their food to this section. They can view the list at a later time. It allows users to search quickly. 

Promo Codes

Promo codes help users to receive discounts when ordering online. It boosts customer experience and makes them more likely to continue to use the app to order food online.

Tips Option

Users willing to give tips can make use of this option. Tipping is one way to thank the delivery partners for their service. It goes a long way in boosting their morale to keep performing better. 

Availability Status

If a restaurant is unavailable to take orders, they can use this option to let the users know. Similarly, if a delivery partner is not available to perform food deliveries, this option allows users of the food delivery app to know about it. 

Language Management

Our food-ordering software lets customers use the app in the language of their choice. Making the app available in many languages is fruitful to businesses as it can reach a vast audience. 

Review and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings shed light on things and bring to the surface the issues if there are any. The feedback helps other users know the quality of service offered by the restaurants and delivery partners. It is equally beneficial to the admin as well. 

Payment Management

Our food ordering software comes with many integrated payment gateways. It enables users to make secure payments. The admin can effectively manage the payment gateway using this option. 


Growth projections support the view that online food delivery platforms will continue to grow in the upcoming years. For entrepreneurs looking to set foot in the online food delivery business, we provide support with the expertise we have gained over the years. Our online food delivery software is one of the best in the market and will help you succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. Our constant technical support and ideas will place your business in a better position and give you a competitive edge over others.

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