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Practo Clone script

What is Practo Clone script?

Practo Clone or Uberdoc Clone is an online doctor appointment booking app. It allows the doctors, patients to communicate with each other. Our Practo clone acts as a bridge to connect the patients with the corresponding doctors instantly.

Why Choose us?

Free logo

Our dedicated design team will give an attractive and novel logo design to our clients. It will provide an additional topping to your business at zero cost.

Free Technical Support

Get the best technical support from our expert team free of cost, and there are no hidden charges.

Free Server Installation

We assure you to deploy the whole DocStar Clone source code on your server free of cost, and we will inform you of the entire process.

Bug Support

We pride ourselves on creating the perfect online doctor consultation booking script without any bugs and assure we give free bug support for 6-months [In case you encounter any bugs, We hope it'll not happen].

App Submission

Our development team is guaranteed to submit your app on the AppStore or PlayStore successfully.

100% Source Code

We give the complete source code based on the package you prefer. And we allow the clients to alter the code to attracting their customers.

One Time Payment

We allow the client to pay for the product in a single-time payment process. We will not ask for any payment in the future.

MERN Stack Admin Panel

We develop DocStar in the MERN framework, which gives a high-performance website to the client. And be tension-free of the security issues.

Support after app rejection

Get technical support after app rejection, and we make sure to give successful relaunch on the iOS AppStore or Android PlayStore.

Workflow Video

What Do We Offer

Doctor App

An intuitive Doctor App dashboard that has all the features to manage the doctor's profile and clinic, provision to accept or reject appointments, easy-editable booking options, etc. to use.

Patient App

The Highly responsive front-end panel which provides various options like fruitful profile creation, in-app chat/call, backup medical history, online video consultation, pay medical cost seamlessly.

Admin Panel

We provide an impressive admin panel integrated with all required features in it. Admin can manage the patient and doctor profiles, notification management, and financial corners

Features of Practo Clone

Doctor profile management

By using this feature, doctors can give detailed information about their availability, availability details for video calls, bookings, etc. Doctors can also provide information like location, customer's rating, and reviews, etc.

Advanced filter options

We have advanced filter options in our DocStar app. With this feature, a patient can find the appropriate doctor based on their specialty. Then, the patient can book an appointment with our DocStar product instantly without any strain.

Schedule your bookings

This feature in our DocStar product allows a patient to book and schedule their doctor appointments instantly. A patient can schedule their bookings based on their available time and day. It is helpful for a patient to book their consultation for the future use.

Search doctors

A patient can search for a doctor based on the location, specialty, available time to get their consultations instantly. A patient can use DocStar's video call and chat feature to get the best advice they can get quickly.

Book appointments

One of the essential features of a Practo clone, it lets the patients book their appointments with the corresponding doctors. It is helpful in ease up the daily schedule of the doctors. It also helps the doctors to schedule their patients based on the date and time-wise.

In-app messaging

In-app messaging is one of the best features of our DocStar product. This option allows the patients and the doctors to chat with each other by using the phone's default messaging app in both the Android and the iOS ecosystem.

Video call

It is one of the unique features of our DocStar app. It helps the patients and the Doctors to video call with each other. By using this video call feature, both the doctors and the patients can visually see each other. Patients can show their problems to doctors easily.

Manage availability

Manage availability is one of the best features of our DocStar product. It allows doctors to manage their schedules based on their availability. Manage availability provides an option that allows the doctor to switch their availability based on their schedule.

Payment option

We have an inbuilt payment option in our Practo clone ready-made product. In our DocStar app, we have Stripe and PayPal as the default payment option in the product. We will customize the payment option based on the client's suggestion and country.

Push notifications

Our DocStar app has an advanced push notification option. It helps both the doctor and the patient to know the status of their booking schedules instantly. The push notification option is available in both the Android and the iOS ecosystems.

Real-time booking status

It is helpful when a patient book an appointment with a doctor, the real-time status of the booking is shown clearly to the corresponding patient instantly. Our DocStar has the advanced real-time booking status with the MERN stack technology admin panel.

Ratings and reviews

After each consultation, both the doctors and patients can provide ratings and reviews for each other correspondingly. Ratings and reviews are important for the patient to know about the correspondingly.

Admin Features

Advanced Dashboard

Our Practo clone script has incorporated the powerful and most advanced dashboard on compared with the competition. Admin can manage all the features in an admin panel.

Manage Admins

Our online doctor appointment script has multiple admin options. A Practo clone admin can add anyone of their choice to the software.

Manage Doctors

All the registered doctors from our Practo clone script are listed here. The admin can filter, edit, delete a doctor from the software by using this option

Manage Patients

Registered patients are listed here. All the details of the patients are available here. The admin can filter, edit, delete patient information by using this option.

Records Management

It lets the admin manage patient health records, prescription details, and other corresponding data efficiently.

Share information

It allows the admin to share health-related information with the corresponding patients regularly.

Ad Management

One of the best features in our Practo clone script it tends the admin to place ad scripts from Google Adsense, third-party companies here. By using this feature, the admin can earn money with it instantly.

Payment Management

We have integrated multiple payment gateways in our Practo clone script. By default, we have PayPal and stripe payment gateways. The transaction details between the patients, doctors are listed here.

Multiple Currencies

Our Practo clone script has multiple currency options. We will customize our online doctor appointment software based on the client's requirements and needs.

Ratings and Reviews

After every successful consultation, patients and doctors can rate and reviews each other vice-versa. The ratings are helpful in doctors listings.

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages are the essential feature of the software. We will update language settings based on the client's language preferences.

General Settings

The basic options like title and description information, payment keys information can be added or modified here.

How does our Practo clone script work?

Get Practo clone script

Get the ready-made Practo clone script with mobile apps[Android and iOS] from us.


List down all the customization you need in our script. We will customize our Practo clone script based on your expectations.


After customization work, we will test the script completely and upload the package to the corresponding client-server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abservetech provides 24/7 support to our clients. We will provide the best assistance support to our clients. And work to offer bug-free products.

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Yes, we will give you the installation of the software free of cost.

Server Configuration

Server Requirements

Nodejs Server

  1. Nodejs Version 8
  2. NPM Version 3
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Firebase Billing Account

Web Server

  1. Nginx server (Optional For Proxy)
  2. Linux/Unix


  1. MongoDB 3

Technology Used

  1. MongoDB
  2. ExpressJs
  3. AngularJs
  4. NodeJs


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Demo Details


Web Demo

We have expert developers who robustly developed Doctor appointment booking scripts. You can check for yourself in the demo link provided & share your feedback with us. They are also ready to do customizations based on your requirements.

Mobile Demo

Our Docstar script is available for both the Android & iOS platforms. Check it out and update us on any customizations needed.


Technologies Used

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