About Abservetech

Abservetech is a team of expert developers of website and mobile app development. Abservetech provides creative websites, native mobile apps, innovative technology services, and custom web mobile app solutions, from startup companies to huge organizations. We have developed ready-made software products in rental management, online taxi booking, online food ordering, classifieds scripts, job portal scripts to help entrepreneurs and startup companies to start a business.

Meet Our Team

Abservetech team leads web and mobile developement community through conference,blogs,open source,videos,books and meetups

We value open source, learning, remote work, and open communication


Selva Kumar

Chief Executive Officer


Venkatesh Kumar

Chief Technology Officer



Chief Operating Officer

Who we are?

Originating from a wide range of encounters inside our team, What the client is searching for. By the day’s end, we attempt to provide our best to guarantee our customers gain a good experience from working with us. We make a great degree of love towards customers who are sensible and who have our interests in mind as well and we are never modest to reimburse that support in numerous different ways.

8+ years Experience

500+ projects

20+ products


Why us?

We fulfil the needs of the end clients and lead in product delivery. Best quality and issue free sites for our clients with the expected due date. So we gladly say that achievement is the main word we know by continuing to move further. Trust and triumph are the main way we hold and continue moving further with our incredible and fruitful accomplices to lead in the IT business.

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in India? then, you are at the right place. Submit your query with us.

Our Values & Vision

Quality in Works

There is a strong belief that groups of people working together can accomplish more than individuals on their own. Of course, the efficacy is dependent on the quality and commitment of the players.

Forward Thinking

Great team environment, great leadership, friendly office, and good brand name clients.

Problem Solvers

Solving problems is at the heart of all we do, part of every aspect of the work. Whether your team is formal, managed, leveraged the power of the right process to find the best solutions and make your team the best it can be.

Our Customer Support

Our support team is always ready to help you. You just send your email to [email protected] or Contact us: +91 9222 47 9222.


Our Mission

We are the leading software development company in India. We strive to make our clients happy through the hard work and professionalism of our team. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, startup companies who want to build their websites, mobile apps.

If it is a complex application or needs an enterprise-oriented solution, our team leads the whole process from the initial idea, development concept to the project delivery.

We serve to solve business challenges, untangle complex issues and stand ahead from your competitors. Moreover, we remit next-generation software solutions to 500+ companies and growing startups, increasing their value and building a stalwart digital future.

" Innovation is key. Only those who have the agility to change with the market and innovate quickly will survive. "

Our Services

Website Development Services

We have an expert team of website developers in the technologies like Php, Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, CakePHP, Joomla, Magento, MEAN stack, MERN stack, etc.


Mobile App Development Services

Our creative mobile app developers have good experience in developing mobile apps based on client needs. We use technologies like Swift, JavaScript, etc.


SEO Services

We have done SEO services for more than 50+ successful clients. Our team members are Google-certified marketers and are best in ranking your business site on the first page.


Digital Marketing Services

Our company offers the best-in-class digital marketing services in India. We have an expert team handling right from social media profiles to Google ads services of your esteemed business.


Graphic Designing Services

We offer the best-in-market graphic designing services for our clients. Our designer has designed 100+ web and mobile app frameworks using software, Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, etc.


Software Testing Services

All our projects and products undergo rigorous testing before we hand them to the corresponding client. We have expert testers in both manual and automated testing.


IOT Development Services

We have a separate expert team for IoT projects. Our developers can provide solutions for your business in various domains, from industrial, medical, retail, and telecoms.


Blockchain Development Services

We have developed several projects in blockchain development. In recent years, blockchain development is one of the trending topics around the world. There is a lot of business scope in Blockchain.


Dedicated Developers

Client's can hire our developers for their projects. Those developers will only work on their projects strictly. A client can choose developers based on the corresponding project technology.


Our History

Jan 2015

Magento / Dolphin Templates

We have launched Magento and Boonex Dolphin templates to help customers to start E-Commerce website

Aug 2015


FoodStar Website

FoodStar [website], Online food ordering script. It helps customer to order their foods online and receive them via doorsteps.

Dec 2015


FoodStar Mobile Apps

The launch of native FoodStar mobile apps on both Android and iOS platform.

Apr 2016


AirStar Website

AirStar Online rental script, Host can rent their rooms and can make money with it.

Jan 2017


AdStar Website

AdStar, online classifieds script. A portal where the users can buy and sell used goods.

Oct 2017



Jobstar, online job portal script . A marketplace where job seekers can find job listing based on their preferred location, designation, etc

Mar 2018


EduStar Website

EduStar, e-learning marketplace. An platform where the students learn new technologies uploaded by an instructor.

Dec 2018


RebuStar Website & Mobile Apps

RebuStar, Online taxi booking script . The launch of both websites, and native apps in both Android and iOS Apps

Nov 2019


RebuEats Website

RebuEats, Food ordering script . A magnificent website with a MERN stack front-end panel.

Dec 2020


EduStar Mobile Apps

We have upgraded our EduStar product with apps in both Android & iOS using Flutter technology.

Mar 2021


Carpooling Script

We have customized our RebuStar product with the Carpooling option to enable riders to share a ride.

Jun 2021



The launch of our DocStar helps a patient to consult with a specialist doctor via video consultation.

Oct 2021


RebuStar Grocery

RebuStar Grocery , To help the customers to order their grocery items online instantly.

Jan 2022



WogoStar is a Gojek clone script that acts as a single platform for n number of on-demand services.

Sep 2022


AirStar Cars (Car Rental Script)

AirStar Cars product is a car rental platform that enables users to rent cars from the host.

Our Awards


Top Fastest Growing [Web Development] Company in Bangalore


Top Fastest Growing [Web Development] Company in India


Top [Mobile App Development] Company in India


Best Value software [FoodStar] in 2020


Top 10 PHP Development Company in India


The Champions – Zen Suggest

Best value software-2022

Best Value software [FoodStar] in 2022

High performer-2022

High performer [EduStar]-2022

High performer-2022

High performer [FoodStar] 2022

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