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What is Swiggy Clone?

Swiggy Clone is an advanced online food ordering & delivery software and a convenient way for users to order their favorite food from their favorite restaurants and receive it at their doorsteps. Using our Swiggy clone software, an entrepreneur can start their own business. Our FoodStar product is available with Partner, Customer, and Delivery Boy panels.

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How does our Swiggy clone app work?


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Free logo

We provide a logo for free together with the purchase of the app.

Free bug support

Abservetech provides free bug support for 6 months for your app.

Free App submission

Get your app submitted for free when you buy your app.

Free Technical support

Our energetic technical team is ready to help you with all of your technical queries.

Laravel Admin panel

The admin panel is essential for better maintenance. A dynamic admin panel with the Laravel framework is available.

Free licence and source code

We will provide you the free license as well as the source code.

support after App rejection

We will provide full support if the app is rejected at the time of submission.

One time payment

You can complete your payment at once. There is no need to pay at regular intervals.

What do we offer?

Customer Panel

Customer or front-end panel, It contains popular foods, food items, menus, restaurants, offers, etc.

Partner Panel

This panel contains orders, past orders, order history, payments, transaction history, etc.

Admin Panel

The admin panel has all the necessary options present in it. Some of them are the menu, pages, blogs, languages, and user management.

Android App

Our Swiggy Clone has an Android app available for the Customer, Partner, and Delivery boy.

iOS App

To make FoodStar is available across all platforms. FoodStar iOS Apps available for Customer, Partner, and Delivery boy, etc.

Workflow Video of Swiggy Clone App

Unique Features in our Swiggy Clone Software

Order Scheduling

It allows the customer to schedule their orders in the future from an hour to one week.

Secure payment

Our FoodStar lets customers pay the charges from net banking, credit card, or debit card options.

Restaurant status

A restaurant or partner can change online availability according to order traffic, food availability, etc.

Payment Invoice

Each customer food order payment is available with the order amount, delivery charges, tax amount, etc.

Add to favorites

Firstly, The customer can add their favorite food to this section. Secondly, It lets the customers quickly search for their favorite food.

Track your Order

Customers can track the order status from the restaurant, So they can assure that their order is on the way.

Promo Codes

Customers can enjoy specific promotional codes during the festive season. These promo codes enable customer satisfaction.

Advanced Push Notification

This option sends instant notifications to the admin, partners/restaurants, and delivery boys whenever there is a status change.

Advanced search

This option lets the customer search for their favorite restaurant based on city, location, etc.

User Review & Ratings

It allows a customer to review & rate a delivery boy or the partner/restaurant effortlessly.

Track Rider Location

This module facilitates the rider’s route to the customer and restaurant, which makes the work easy for the rider.

Tips Option

The tips option allows the customer to give tips to the corresponding delivery boys. There is no monetary limit option in providing tips money for delivery boys.

Takeaway Option

The customer can use this option if the corresponding customer is willing to collect the food from the restaurant itself.

Advanced Tracking

The advanced tracking option makes the customer track their order using the FoodStar app and the website.

Advanced Filter Option

In the advanced filter option, Customers can filter the foods by the restaurant, type, location, name, ratings, etc.

Contactless Delivery

Customers can place their food order and opt for contactless delivery from the delivery boy.

Standard Features in Swiggy Clone Script

Sign-Up / Sign-In

Customers, Delivery boys, and Partners/Restaurants can register with our swiggy clone script with their social media profiles or email id.

Laravel Framework

The best secure framework of elegant syntax makes use of object-oriented libraries.

Payment Services

We avail of payment services feature to manage multiple payment methods and gateway transactions.

Explore Restaurants

It allows the customers to explore their favorite restaurants according to the location.

Payment management

This option is available for the admin of the product. Therefore, the admin can manage the payment gateway.

Commission management

Admin can manage the commission amount for each customer’s order. It lists the commission amount under a single section.

Social Sharing

Since social media is well-known for more customer engagement, we have included social sharing features.

Menu Management

In short, menu management helps you manage the menus from various kinds of restaurants.

Email Management

Blast bulk emails to your customers! In other words, enjoy email marketing.

Blog Management

Publish promotional content online, and improve your business further.

Language Management

Our FoodStar consists of a language management feature that allows the customers to customize language according to their preferences.

User Management

The admin can manage users/customers using the admin panel. Admin has the power to add or remove a user easily.

Standout Features in Swiggy Clone App

Social Media Integration

The partners and admin can integrate their social media profiles using this social media integration option.

Quick Notification

Our Swiggy clone script consists of a quick notification option. It thus provides instant notification for all stakeholders.

Instant Requests

This option sends instant notification requests to the partners/restaurant and the customers.

Exact Location Calculation

Our FoodStar system calculates the exact location of the customer and delivery boy using this feature.

Pricing Breakup

The customer can view the pricing breakup of each food order. This food order summary shows tax details and many more.

Easy Customization

Our FoodStar product includes an easy customization option. It lets the customer customize their order by quantity, size, etc.

Delivery Boy Document Management

While registration, A delivery boy needs to submit the required documents to sign up with the FoodStar. Admin can manage all the documents under delivery boy document management.


The report option shows all the necessary reports like a customer, delivery boy, and payment details, according to the stakeholders.


The payout option processes the payment to the delivery boy, Partner/restaurant, and the admin.

Easy Navigation

Our FoodStar product is available with an advanced UI, UX, and navigation system. A customer can use our product with ease.

Delivery Boy Accept / Reject Request

During the food delivery acceptance stage, A delivery boy has the power to either accept or reject a food order request.

Admin Management & Roles

The admin can update multiple admins to the Swiggy clone product and can assign specific roles for the sub-admins.

Covid Safety Measures

Admin can update covid safety instructions to the customer and partners/restaurants using this feature.

Unique Customer, Delivery boy, Restaurant Panels

Our FoodStar product is available with unique advanced customer, delivery boy, and restaurant panels.

Trip History

A delivery boy can view their food delivery trip history and sort by date, time, price, etc.

Admin Panel Features of Swiggy Clone Script

Login / Register
Manage Restaurants
Manage Food categories
Manage Food cuisines
Delivery Boys
Order History
Promo codes
General Settings
Payouts for partners / delivery boys
Manage delivery charge settings
Manage featured restaurants

Login / Register

Register works for the restaurant, a new customer, They can register their details with all the necessary documents either using their social media communication channels or by their email id.
Every registration gets checked and verified by the FoodStar admin. If their listing gets verified, they will receive an email.


Manage Restaurants

All the registered restaurants will be listed here. Admin can manage all the restaurants from the restaurant management option. Admin has the authority to edit or delete a restaurant at any time. This option is helpful in case of any emergencies.


Manage Food categories

Our FoodStar products have a powerful option to list the food based on the categories. Admin can add, edit, and delete a food category easily. Some of the default listed food categories are Veg, Non-veg, Tarts, Burgers, Starters, etc.


Manage food cuisines

FoodStar admin can add different cuisines styles to the product. In the Admin panel, all the available food cuisines get listed. Admin can create or remove a food cuisine easily. Some of the default food cuisines are Mexican, North Indian, Pizzas, South Indian, Tandoor, etc.



Partners have to go through the registration process. During the registration, they have to provide proof of their restaurant. In case of successful approval from admin, they can add a food menu, items, discounts, etc.


Delivery Boys

Admin has the option to add a delivery boy. They have to provide government-furnished proof during the registration process. If their registration gets approved, they can accept customer delivery requests. For each delivery, the delivery boy will get some commission amount.


Order History

Every order placed by the customers will be listed here. Admin can also view the transaction history of each order. Admin will receive some percentage commission amount of each order. FoodStar admin can sort order history using the available filter options.


Promo codes

By this option, a customer can send promo codes to their friends, families, etc. This option increases the web traffic on the site and also can earn money with it easily. Customers can add promo codes to get discounts on their orders.



Customers can take a look at the ratings before ordering food from a restaurant. Ratings are a valuable feature while evaluating food from a restaurant. The rating option will be available for both the customer and the delivery boy.


General settings

This option takes care of the overall FoodStar Swiggy clone app product. Admin can modify Title tags, Meta description, stripe payment settings, FAQ, Currency settings, Language settings, Changelogs by using this option.


Payouts for partners / delivery boys

Admin uses this option to release weekly payout to the partners and delivery boys. It also lets the admin view the history of corresponding partners and delivery boys.


Manage delivery charge settings

It allows the admin to assign a delivery charge for a delivery boy. The delivery boy can earn money from each customer order. This setting option allows the admin to increase or decrease the delivery charge of a delivery boy using this option.


Manage featured restaurants

If you are a restaurant, they can use this option to showcase their brand in the first place under the featured restaurant section. Admin can add or remove a restaurant section using this option.

Paid Modules in Swiggy Clone Script

PreOrder Implementation

An available pre-order module that allows the user to acquire cuisines even when they are not available at that moment, as well as the foods are obsolete at the restaurant.

Pickup order implementation

Let the prospect choose their regional location which would be much more comfortable for not only a customer but also the restaurant.

Featured restaurants

Enables to add featured restaurants that furthermore add new customers.

Banner Ad implementation

Ad banner plays a vital role in generating more sales. Therefore this extension lets on creating and managing ad banners.

Razorpay Payment Gateway

We provide a secured payment gateway in order to make payments in a cashless manner.

Paytm Payment Gateway

We proffer assured paytm payment, which consequently enlarges your customer anticipation on your payments.

CC Avenue Payment Gateway

Enjoy your safe and secured payment happenings with CC avenue payment gateway which also provides ease of payment.

Tranzila Payment Gateway

We integrate the Tranzilla payment gateway that in sequence sets up to sustain a fruitful money transaction on every order.

Splash Screen Animation

We provide attractive splash screen animation for your Android & iOS apps. It helps to enhance the user experience of the apps.

Product Banner Design

Make the banners in your apps attractive with the help of our expert graphic designer team. Our graphic design team has more than 5+ years of experience in this field.

Google Play & App Store Preview Image

On uploading apps to Google Play & App Store, We'll place attractive app images in the app URLs in Google Play & App Store.

Google Adsense

Clients can generate income from their website & apps using Google Adsense. Our team will help you place the ads in the best possible areas in the apps.

How to Monetize Swiggy Clone Script?

Commission on orders from restaurants

Benefit a particular percentage of commission from the restaurants in case of every order being generated from your website.

By using delivery services

When the order is actually brought about from the website and being delivered by the same, thereupon earns a specific percentage on delivery.

Third party ad services [Like Google Adsense]

Know the absolute value of third-party ads! Make use of ad services like Google Adsense to onboard 3rd party ads henceforth make more money.

Advertisement services from restaurants

Advertising on behalf of the restaurants gain more visibility to them which in turn furnishes to reap the profit to the website.

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Pricing Comparison For Our Online Food Ordering Script

Features List Lite Pro Enterprise
100% Customizable Source Code
Free One Time installation
Technical support
Free support
Native Android App
Native iOS App
Multi Domain License
Admin Web Panel
Custom Currency Integration
Multilingual Integration
Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
Customised Payment Gateway
Bug Resolve
Apps Submission
White label
User-friendly Frontend Panel
CMS Pages
SEO Friendly URLs
Blast email to users
General settings
Pre-order implementation
Pickup order implementation
Featured restaurants
Banner ad implementation
Admin Panel
Manage users
Delivery Boys
Deleted user history
Food Categories
Slider Images
New Orders
Order History
Promo Code
Blast Email
Partner Panel
Account Details
New Orders
Order History
Rating & Reviews
Customer Panel
My Profile

Demo Details of Our Online Food Ordering Software


Web Demo

Share your interest via email and get the free web demo instantly. Our developers will help to customize your web application.

Mobile Demo

Our foodstar clone script is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Get the credentials of our demo and explore the features.


Cutting-Edge Technologies That Power Our FoodStar

Customer Reviews

Client Reviews about our Swiggy Clone Script

"Abservetech is a very good company, they are happy to help every single time, and I love to work with them in the future. They are very trustworthy people."

Sahil Sharma

Sumbul Siddiqui

"The great experience that we had having Abservetech and the team is extremely good. Great work done by them."

Sumbul Siddiqui

"Right from the day one, they were doing a good job and meeting our expectations. I definitely see a very good relationship with Abservetech, and I recommend for all."

Kiran Vagga


Frequently Asked Questions

Swiggy clone script is an online food ordering software, where the user can start food ordering business within days.

It includes a restaurant, customer, and delivery boy apps. In which the restaurant can add their food items, customers can browse and order foods, and the delivery boy delivers it.

We provide the live demo on our website itself. In the case of more details, reach us at [email protected]

Customer satisfaction is dominant for our team. Therefore, we have a dedicated technical team to provide you 24*7 customer support. Just drop your query by email, phone, or Skype. And then you will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.

Yes! We do. We have a range of expertise in all domain like Business Analyst, Developer, and Tester in order to help you to customize according to your requirements.

It is possible to make money with the swiggy clone Script with the help of vacation offers, promo codes, third party ads, featured listings, etc.

Just search for any swiggy clone script. It is easy to purchase ready-made food ordering script and install to start a new on-demand food ordering business.

Yes. It is a multi-lingual script that supports multi-currency in addition to multi-language.

It is built with Laravel frame 5.1 work. And then it is coded with PHP 5 & MySQL using Laravel frame work along with scalable structural architecture with high emphasize given to JS, Ajax, JQuery, etc.

We offer you the 100% open source code which is not encoded with codes. By getting this code, you can edit, modify, customize the script as you wish. Open source code is available with a license.

Server Configuration

Server Requirements

  1. PHP Version >= 5.6
  2. Max_input_time : “600″
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Max_execution_time : “600″
  5. File_uploads: “ON”
  6. Max_file_uploads : “256MB”
  7. Upload_max_filesize : “256MB”
  8. Post_max_size : “256MB”
  9. Memory_limit:”256MB”
  10. Safe_mode: Off
  11. Enable: PDO, File Info, Mbstring, Mcrypt, Shell_exec,Mysqli, Mod_rewrite, Open SSL, Tokenizer

Technology Used

Web Server

  1. Apache 2.0+

Operating systems

  1. Linux/Unix


  1. MySQL 5.6+


  1. Subscribe to free delivery option
  2. Food review option
  3. Invite friends updated
  1. Delivery boy tracking map
  2. Third-party integrations - pet pooja, mrsolutions, idine, blue code, gofrugal
  3. Subscription for foods (premium, silver, gold ) ( breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  1. Addon - Additional modifier for the product
  2. Packaging Charge - The packaging amount calculation for each order
  3. Delivery boy web panel implementation
  4. Partner Manager - Have all the access to the vendor
  5. Unit - Customers can measure food using food-specific units (e.g., kg, gram).
  1. Same mobile number can register as a Customer/Partner/Deliveryboy
  2. Partner can’t order their own shop
  3. Delivery boy web panel implementation
  4. Restaurant can create their shop from application
  5. Become a Partner/ Become a delivery boy options added
  6. Bug fixing
  1. Hike price and strike price updation
  2. Unit implementation
  3. Two slot timing for menu item
  4. Order status updation from Admin
  5. Using queue download and send mail to Admin of Master product as a CSV
  1. Real time order tracking
  2. Vendor login report section stabled
  3. Blast email and notification with emojis
  4. Image conversion in Blast Email
  5. Bill generation
  1. Image Compression
  2. Sub-Admin Module
  3. Relationship Managers
  1. Rapido Deliver System
  2. Travel Estimation
  3. Payment with Adyen Pay and Amazon Pay
  1. Backup Script
  2. Cancellation Buffers
  3. Promotion Banners
  1. Food items – Bulk import/export option
  2. Food items – Bulk price edit option
  3. Addons – food item variations
  1. Emergency alert for delivery boy and partner restaurants
  2. Push notification with image option
  3. Restaurant import option
  1. Delivery boy earning history & transaction details
  2. Order report download option for admin/partners
  3. Delivery will be automatically assigned to another delivery boy who is near to the restaurant when the assigned delivery boy does not accept/reject his order
  1. Revenue By restaurant
  2. Revenue By area
  3. Revenue By Item
  4. Revenue By Boy (For Admin only)
  1. Manage a Restaurant and Delivery boy rating
  2. Delivery boy Payment & Order History in Admin Panel
  1. Promo code implementation
  2. Cancel order with refund option before accepting the order from a partner
  1. Search by restaurant/dish name
  2. Quick search by cities in home page
  1. Search by food name in restaurant detail page
  2. Veg Filter option in restaurant detail page
  1. Dynamic banner images in the admin dashboard
  2. List restaurants by categories such as “Popular”, “Free Delivery”, “Offers around you” etc., in search page
  3. A quick view of the restaurant
  4. Restaurant offer / Free delivery offer implementation
  1. Customer can order a food
  2. Order processing flow with COD or online payment
  3. Delivery Boy can deliver orders to customers
  1. Customer, Partner, and Delivery Boy can sign up & sign in
  2. Partner can manage restaurants, food category, food cuisines, and food items
  3. Customer can search nearby restaurants
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