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RebuStar [Stable Version – V2.1.4]

Why RebuStar ( Uber Clone ) ?

Uber Clone is an online taxi booking app that allows you to book a car online. It is developed using the MEAN Stack framework for the admin panel. It is one of the best uber clone scripts in the taxi booking business while comparing it firstly its functionality, and secondly, its price among the others. Moreover, Our Uber-like app has separate apps for both the driver and the rider.

How RebuStar [Uber Clone App] Works?

Workflow, Business model and revenue generation of Uber Clone script
Uber Clone - How it Works

Why Choose us?

Things we do better to stand unique
Uber Clone - Free Logo Services

Free Logo

The logo illustrates your business. Hence, we provide a free logo with a unique design that will be done by our creative designers.

Uber Clone - Bug Support

Free 6 Month Bug support

We would love to serve you. As a result, we assure you of 6-month bug support.

Uber Clone - Free App Submission

Free App Submission

Do not worry about submitting your apps. App submission is done for free along with the app purchase.

Uber Clone - MEAN Stack Admin Panel

Free License & Source Code

We will provide you a license for your domain/brand. Once you have purchased our product.

Uber Clone - Technical Support

Free Technical Support

Our expert development team will give you full technical support.

Uber Clone - Free support after app rejection

Support after App Rejection

You will receive complete support from our side if the app is rejected during submission.

Uber Clone - One Time Payment

One Time Payment

There is no hidden cost with our product purchase once product payment is done. we will deliver codes and launch applications.

Uber Clone - MEAN Stack Admin Panel

MEAN Stack Admin Panel

Abservetech delivers an efficient admin panel with the MEAN Stack development.

Business Model of Uber Like App

Here is how Rebustar business model works

Uber clone is an on-demand taxi transportation business model that has brought a revolution in the online taxi booking app business industry. The user can book an online taxi from their location to move the other at a lesser time and the minimum cost. The user will register and login to the uber clone app through direct login or social login. The customer can search for available vehicles and request fro ride. All the nearby drivers receive the notification. When any one of the drivers accepts the request, the rider gets the alert. The rider can also track the location from pick up to the destination. Once the ride gets completed, the rider has to pay for the trip. The base fare and the distance traveled decides the amount of fee for the travel. The payment mode includes payment via payment gateway, wallet, and cash payment. The user can also rate and review the performance of the driver and vice versa.

What we offer?

Our RebuStar package includes
Uber Clone - Passenger App

Rider App (Android & iOS)

Rider app includes real-time navigation, various payment modes, push notifications, etc. That makes our apps user-friendly.

Uber Clone - Driver App

Driver App (Android & iOS)

We provide Android and iOS app for Driver with efficient features like Ratings and reviews, in-app call/chat, etc.

Uber Clone - Admin Panel

Admin Panel

An efficient admin dashboard that has all the features to manage user data, blogs, messages to the user, languages, etc

Uber Clone - Frontend Panel

Customer Panel

An responsive customer (or) front-end panel, which provides an option like Sign in, Sign up, and Fare estimation cost for a ride.

Uber Clone Rider App Features

Our RebuStar rider app features
Uber Clone - Scheduled Booking

Scheduled Booking

Riders can schedule rides to the stations accordingly, hence they do not have to worry about missing train or bus.

Uber Clone - Real Time Navigation

Real Time Navigation

The real-time navigation probably helps to learn and recognize new routes to new destinations.

Uber Clone - In App Call / Chat

In App Call / Chat

Facilitates customers to chat or call their drivers, therefore it leads to better communication between the drivers and the riders.

Uber Clone - Wallet Payment

Wallet Payment

Say goodbye to hand cash on account of exploring digital wallet payment method

Uber Clone - Promotional Codes

Promo Codes

During seasonal and peak traffic hours riders can enjoy specific promotional codes.

Uber Clone - Stripe Payment

Payment gateway

We do implement stripe payment that is to save payment details, in addition it empowers highly secured and reliable payment transactions.

Uber Clone - User Profile

User Profile

First of all, a better user profile is paramount to get the customer profiles with necessary details, thus you can recognize the customers easily.

Uber Clone - Booking History

Booking History

Booking history column commits the riders to look about where they have traveled so far.

Uber Clone - Ride Request Notifications

Ride Request Notifications

Helps riders to pass information about their travel to friends and family by sharing ride details.

Uber Clone - Estimation Fare Calculation

Estimation Fare Calculation

This is to estimate roughly on how much a rider needs to pay for the ride according to the destination.

Uber Clone - Pay by Cash Options

Pay By Cash Option

Digital customers can pay by wallet button considering non-digital customers, we can articulate pay by cash feature.

Uber Clone - User can invite friends

User Can Invite Friends

It could be integrated for the reason that a customer can invite a friend nearby to their ride.

Uber Clone - Emergency Contact Sharing

Emergency Contact Sharing

In case of an accident or health emergency, riders can share their details with nearby emergency centers.

Uber Clone - Book a ride with destination

Book A Ride With Destination

Allows to give customers destination details, So that it is easier for the driver.

Uber Clone - Favorites location option for the Rider

Favourites Location Option For The Rider

Riders can mark their daily travel spots as favorites in order to get more personalized offers.

Uber Clone Driver App Features

Our RebuStar driver app features
Uber Clone - Online / Offline

Online / Offline

Drivers can get access to rides even when they are online or offline.

Uber Clone - Driver Profile

Driver Profile

Customers feel more secure, only if all the details of the customers are found verified.

Uber Clone - In App Call / Chat

Call / Chat

The in-house communication feature served for the reason that drivers can chat and call their customers regarding the ride.

Uber Clone - Work History

Work History

This element records the driver’s ride history in order to rank and recognize familiar destinations.

Uber Clone - Ride Request Notification

Request Notification

Notifications enabled, that one may alert the drivers for their upcoming rides.

Uber Clone - Real Time Navigation

Real Time Navigation

Route help feature that endows drivers to reach new destinations without any struggle.

Uber Clone - Driver Payout

Driver Payout

An item to allot drivers a reasonable pay percentage for all the efforts they make in each ride.

Uber Clone - Trip History

Trip History

Maintains organized travel history of the driver, which in turn makes it easy for calculating their daily rides a pay.

Uber Clone - Ratings and Feedback

Review and Ratings

Most noteworthy thing is the customer feedback, it helps each driver get more rides.

Screenshots of our Uber Clone Software

Important screens in RebuStar app

Admin panel Screenshots

Some of important options in our admin panel

Distinct features of our Taxi Booking App

Unique features we offer among others

Paid Plugins in Uber App Clone

Some of the paid plugins in RebuStar
Uber Clone - Phone Number Masking

Phone Number Masking

Don’t want the phone numbers to be displayed? Then, start using the phone number masking feature.

Hail Taxi

Hail Taxi

Permits customer to hail a moving empty taxi, thus taxis could be hailed across the city using this thing.

Rental Package

Rental Package

The rental package feature offers customers to hire a car on rent if they have a four-wheel license.



If the customer would like to travel outside the city limits, then they can book their ride with the outstation booking facility.

City Boundary

City Boundary Limit

This is the trait that let users plan the trip out of city limits, Hence expand your city boundary limits for outstation rides.

Chat Integration

Chat Integration

To clarify, this is an in-house communication advantage offered to both riders and drivers.


Multi Language

We avail multi-language means, hence it helps your business further by making it multilingual.

How to monetize Uber clone script

Ways to earn money with our RebuStar app
Uber Clone - Commission Amount

Commission Amount

Earn a specific percentage of commission on every ride that a driver gets from your website. Hence, the more the rides that a driver gets, the more you earn.

Google Admob

Using Admob

Place advertisements on your app, and charge an amount for particular ads, so that you can benefit a certain amount.

Commission from companies

Commission from companies

When a company registers itself as a company, it is better than the app owner can see a high income on a special commission.

Using Company Tie-up

Using company tie-up

Providing offers with them and letting them earn something from your website or app will let you make a great percentage from that company.

Demo Links for Uber Like App

Rider and Driver Demo Details
Uber Clone Web Demo

Website Demo

uber clone admin icon

Admin Panel

Android Rider Demo

Rider App

Google Play
Android Driver Demo

Driver App

Google Play
uber clone rider icon

Rider App

App Store
uber clone driver demo icon

Driver App

App Store

Our Videos

Some of our RebuStar Video

Pricing Plans for Uber Clone

RebuStar app pricing plans
  • Features List

  • 100% Customizable Source Code
  • Free One Time installation
  • Technical support
  • Free support
  • Native Android App [Driver & Rider]
  • Native iOS App [Driver & Rider]
  • Multi Domain License
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Custom Currency Integration
  • Multilingual Integration
  • Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
  • Customised Payment Gateway
  • Bug Resolve
  • Apps Submission
  • White label
  • Website FrontEnd Panel
  • CMS Pages
  • Phone number masking
  • Car pooling
  • Rental package
  • Outstation
  • City boundary limit
  • Hail taxi
  • Chat integration
  • Multi-language
  • .
  • LITE


    One Time
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General FAQ

Most asked FAQ in RebuStar
What is Uber Clone?

Uber clone is nothing but a taxi booking app similar to Uber with all its features present in it with driver and rider apps.

How does Uber Clone work?

The rider can book the ride. And the driver will pick up and drop the passenger from his place to the destination. The fare depends upon the distance and the waiting time.

Where can I get the demo?

You can see the live demo on our website. If you need more details, Don’t hesitate to reach us on [email protected]

How often can I get your support / service?

We have a dedicated technical team to provide you 24×7 customer support. Just drop your query in Email or Phone or Skype and you will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.

Do you help me with the customization?

Yes sure, we have a range of expertise in all domain like Business Analyst, Developer, Tester who will surely help you to customize all your required needs.

How to make money with Uber Clone?

Uber clone script can make money by the charges depending upon people’s demand for taxis, during peak hours, etc.

How to start a business with Uber Clone?

Startups can start a taxi booking business on buying the ready-made uber clone scripts available in the market with the website, android and iOS apps.

Is your product is a Multi-Lingual Script?

Yes, It is a Multi-Lingual Script and supports both Multi-Language and Multi-Currency.

What type of platform/framework is used?

It is built to scale using Nodejs 8 and Firebase. It is coded in Nodejs 8 and MongoDb using Express 3 Framework, scalable architecture with high emphasis given to REST API, IO operation, etc.

Will my idea about uber clone script will be confidential?

Yes, it will be confidential. We won’t share details about you (or) your contact details with anyone.

RebuStar App Screens

Full Source Code
Built in with NdeJS & MangoDB
Native Andorid & iOS Apps
Admin Web Panel
Apps SubmissionX
Native Andorid & iOS Apps
Download online banking

Technical FAQ

Technical Frequently Asked Questions in RebuStar
What is the real-time connection protocol with the backend?

Firebase Real-time database is used for real-time protocol connection protocol with backend.

What is the mapping technology? Google maps?

We use the Google Distance Matrix API of Google API as the mapping technology.

How does the app authenticate against the server? Access token or session-based token? Where is the session info stored? DB or JWT?

The app authenticates against the server by the access token. And the session info will be stored at JWT.

What are all the code stacks used?

For backend system development, we have admin backend in Angular 7.

API Server: Node.js in the express framework. JavaScript ES6 Standard is used as the web development language. MongoDB with Mongoose ORM is used for the Database. The hosting server includes a server with root access and Ngnix for traffic routing.
Can it handle 60k rides a month - What are the services being used?

We need an estimation for AWS. As we have used the NodeJs server and Mongo DB, it depends on the server configuration.

The single-node process can be used by 7000 concurrent users, it could also be extended by increasing server RAM capacity if the load needs an increase. REST architecture for all API communication.
How about the communication process between the driver and passenger?

The driver and passenger can communicate by call or SMS. But In-App calls/chats and VoIP are not available.

What is the backend of the platform from the scalability and commercial perspective?

Nodejs server, with OAuth 2.0 JWT standard supports for Multiple Server location, In addition, MongoDB shared cluster app supports on high scalability.

Do we have express pay? Driver bonuses?

No, currently we do not have these features. But it can be done by customization.

Can we customize your product as per our needs?

Yes sure, we have a range of expertise in all domain like Business Analyst, Developer, Tester who will surely help you to customize all your required needs.

How do I manage the number of cars?

A driver can add multiple cars that are available. And he will select a particular car on request.

How to purchase a uber clone from Abservetech?

Just contact our support team either by using mail [ [email protected] ] or skype[ Abservetech support ].

Can I use your uber clone app for starting my business?

Yes, you can do it. We have developed the uber clone script for entrepreneurs and startups to start their own business.

How does a driver switch a car category?

A driver is allowed to add many cars under various categories. The drivers can pick a car.

Is there any mechanism for surge pricing in RebuStar?

Yes. Our surge pricing mechanism includes two peak surge pricing and a night surge pricing.

Does RebuStar have Geo-fencing feature?

RebuStar is unavailable with the Geo-fencing feature, but we can set the city Service boundary.

How about the communication between the driver and the rider?

Once the trip is accepted, the driver and rider can have the call and message feature. Hence, they can communicate with each other.

What are the payment methods available in RebuStar script?

We provide Paystack, Stripe, Paytm, Braintree payment gateways. Hence providing secure payment transactions.

How will be the driver approved? Is it possible to add driver documents according to the country standards?

Yes. It is possible to add the driver documents as per the country standards.

What is the purpose of OTP in RebuStar?

The mobile numbers of Drivers and Riders are to be verified. Validating OTP confirms the mobile number.

Is it possible to mark the most preferred location?

Yes. We have an option to mark the most preferred location (Rider-> Login->Map screen->Favorite location). Hence, the rider can add the preferred location.

Do we have wallet features in RebuStar?

Yes. The wallet feature is available in RebuStar.

Is there any possibility to change the app color?

Yes. You can change the color of the app according to the logo color or as per your request.

Does RebuStar have the ride later option?

Yes. The ride later option is available in RebuStar. Therefore, the rider can schedule the rides.

Will you provide the installation for the products?

Yes sure, we will provide you the installation at free of cost.

Is Android and iOS are native App?

Yes, both Android and iOS are the native app. Android is developed in Java with the minimum support from Android KitKat v4.4. iOS is developed in Swift 3.x.

Server settings

Required server settings for hosting uber clone website

Server Requirements


Nodejs Server

  1. Nodejs Version 8
  2. NPM Version 3
  3. Firebase Billing Account


  1. Nginx server (Optional For Proxy)
  2. Linux/Unix


  1. MongoDB 3

Technology Used:

  1. MongoDB
  2. ExpressJs
  3. AngularJs
  4. NodeJs



Stable – V2.1.4 [Current Version] – 31 January 2020


  1. Rider Signup Bonus Added
  2. Promocode amount limit added
  3. Response in Multiple language added
  4. Webadmin => Manual Taxi Dispatch Real time notification Added
  5. Webadmin => App CMS for Driver TnC added
  6. Webadmin => Referal Settings


  1. Google API optimisation

Removed – Nil

Stable V2.1.3 – 25 December 2019


  1. Outsation packages Concept
  2. Multiple KM wise fare splitups
  3. Webadmin => Map View Vehicle Filter Added
  4. Webadmin => Promo Code for Different Trip Types Added
  5. Webadmin => Subscription Report Added


  1. Send notification for Offline Drivers added

Removed – Nil

Stable V2.1.2 – 28 November 2019


  1. Citywise service avaiablity
  2. Rental packages Concept
  3. Cancelation Module Settings
  4. Webadmin => Driver Current Status Menu Newly Added
  5. Webadmin => Estimation fare for Trip view Added
  6. Webadmin => Trip Start, Cancel and End From Admin Added
  7. Webadmin => Cancelation Module Settings


  1. Rider and Driver Settlement issues fixed
  2. Offers issues fixed

Removed – Nil

Stable V2.1.1 – 30 October 2019


  1. Multiple Language Management from file
  2. Actual Traveled path
  3. Webadmin => Manual Dispactch for Rental and Outsation
  4. Webadmin => All Statistics By Time Filter
  5. Webadmin => No Credits Drivers Menu Newly Added


  1. Ride later Concept Modified
  2. Admin Menu and Different Role Permission

Removed – Nil

Stable V2.1.0 – 28 September 2019


  1. Subscription – Driver can choose subscription and Driver commission-free
  2. Real-time Trip status for Manual Taxi Dispatch added.
  3. Subscription report added
  4. Settings = Referal settings newly added


  1. Promo code now can add from and to date for code validity
  2. Promo code = can edit Code Different from auto-generated one
  3. Offers start date added
  4. Reports = Filter issues fixed
  5. Reports = can now report in both Excel and CSV
  6. The subscription report date filter issue fixed.
  7. Vehicle fare calculation for Different Distance slot modified
  8. Mail will send to the user if admin replied from web admin panel

Removed: Nil

Stable V2.0.8 – 26 August 2019


  1. Hail Taxi – Will add a customer to Database and mail for Trip End
  2. Expiry notification for Driver document Added
  3. Driver overall report added with export
  4. Add Rider wallet amount from Rider menu
  5. Driver Tracking can Click and see corresponding Drivers
  6. Rider wallet report added
  7. Settings = Cancelation settings newly added


  1. Pending request Filter added with DateTime
  2. Ride later request logic Changed
  3. God’s view total count will show now at the top.
  4. Driver settlement Date issues fixed
  5. Driver reviews and Rider review empty comments will not show anymore
  6. User Rating filter by rating added
  7. Rider Rating filter by rating added
  8. Driver reviews and Rider review name issue fixed

Removed: Nil

Stable V2.0.7 – 26 July 2019

  1. Driver Tracking – Click and see the number of Drivers in a particular type.
  2. No credits Drivers menu added.
  3. Dashboard = Filter type newly added
  4. Rider settlement added
  5. Package purchase history report added.
  6. The driver settlement report added.
  7. Daily Reports = trip type report and trip booked report
  8. Email template for Driver welcome and trip invoice for Driver added


  1. Concept of Ride Later and Manual Taxi Dispatch
  2. Driver approve need to do after only approving the taxi
  3. Driver Taxi = Rejection added
  4. Driver filter issues fixed
  5. Rider Reset password added
  6. Trip Details invoice improved the view
  7. Can add Promo code from Admin taxi Dispatch.
  8. can see currently newly added Trips from Manual Dispatch and track there status
  9. Pending request logic Changed

Removed: Nil


Stable V2.0.6 – 24 June 2019

  1. Emergency Message to Admin added
  2. Driver – Can Reset password
  3. The trip Status report added
  4. Daily Reports = Payment report and trip status report
  5. Nexmo SMS gateway newly integrated
  1. Driver = Add Driver bank separately
  2. Driver = can upload new files from admin
  3. Driver = Can limit the number of the vehicle to one or multiple
  4. Driver Vehicle = Can update new vehicle
  5. Driver Vehicle = Can delete the old vehicle
Removed: Nil 

Stable V2.0.5 – 27 May 2019

    1. Dashboard – Hyperlink from Dashboard widgets.
    2. Dashboard – Trip Graph filter
    3. Added new Hail trip reports.
    4. Trip type report added.
    5. Trip booked report added.
    6. Utility => SEO settings added.
    7. Utility => Testing menu for push notification, SMS and mail testing added.
    8. Paytm Payment gateway newly integrated.
  1. Dashboard – Trip earnings report with a filter
  2. Site Statistics = Added Data time filters
  3. Site Statistics = Trip Details filter
  4. Add Driver = Profile image upload
Removed: Nil 

Stable V2.0.4 – 26 April 2019

    1. Trips Details – Can see and Compare Estimated Location with Actual Trip Location
    2. dashboard -> total trips, payment, driver earning, commission
    3. Dashboard – Low Rated Driver and Rider widget
    4. Dashboard – Trip earnings report.
    5. Utility => Frontend CMS => Driver Teams and Condition added.
    6. Braintree Payment gateway newly integrated.
  1. Package purchase date issues
  2. Trip time will be the same as for all Trips.
  3. God’s view of search issues fixed.
  4. Filter issues in Reports
Removed: Nil 

Stable V2.0.3 – 29 March 2019

  1. Hotel Panel – Hotel can now book for there Customers
  2. User Role and User Menu Management From Admin
  3. Admin Panel – Pages menu setting in Settings
  4. Admin Panel – Send E-Mail invoice to the Client from trip details
  1. Service available City Update Error = Fixed
  2. Admin Profile Edit Fixed
  3. Scroll Bar Menu Visibility increased
Removed: Nil 

Stable V2.0.2 – 15 March 2019

  1. Trips => Hail: Taxi New Feature hail taxi list added
  2. Reports = Trip Status Report: Report for Number of Trips made between dates added
  3. Activation Key added
  4. Idle timeout added
Changed Settings => Alert Settings: Name and field types changed Removed – Nil

Our Clients

Here are the some of our clients for RebuStar product
Autokaata logo


Oyaa Logo


OTO Logo


City Track logo

City Track

Express track

Express track



Rides pick logo

Rides pick

Srigo Logo


Similar Products

Some of the similar products of uber clone

Uber Clone can customized into

Sub-categories of our Uber clone
Uber Clone for handyman

Uber for Handyman

This is to say that, it bridges you with the handyman hence a customer can easily find a handyman from their surroundings.

Uber Clone for Laundry

Uber for Laundry

Laundry services-in short, a place where you can hand over your clothes for washing. This is to find laundry services around your city.

Uber Clone for babysitting

Uber for Babysitting

If you are looking for a platform for your customers to find the best place for babysitting, then this would be the top choice.

Uber Clone for Courier

Uber for Courier

This script may help the user find the parcel service around them instantly, As a result, a user may ship their parcel with this.

Uber Clone for Cleaning

Uber for Cleaning

Most noteworthy thing is that, this clone helps users to find a suitable cleaning service. To clarify, this helps showing best cleaning services around the user’s location.

Uber Clone for Mechanic

Uber for Mechanic

This clone script acts as a market place between the customer and the mechanic. In brief it hands-on customers to find the mechanic workshop or person to fix things for their clients.

Uber Clone for Massage

Uber for Massage

Allows massage centres to upload their details in uber for the massage service with all the essential details and can find more clients by this juncture.

Uber Clone - For Tutor

Uber for Tutors

A person who is a tutor or instructor can register themself in this being visible to people who are looking for the corresponding service, moreover, they can respond to the seekers at the instance.

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