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Why Airstar ( Airbnb Clone ) ?

Airbnb clone is an marketplace between the host and the travelers. A host can list their place and rent it to the travelers. Therefore, they can earn money with it. In short, an entrepreneur or startup company can start a business with this software easily.

How AirStar [Airbnb Clone] Works?

Work flow of Airbnb Clone

Airbnb Clone how it works

Why Choose us

Things we do better to stand unique

Airbnb Clone - Free Logo

Free Logo

Free of cost logo, that will be the incredible outcome of our designer’s creative talent.

Airbnb Clone - Free 6 Months Bug Support

Free 6 Month Bug Support

Be tension-free for the next 6 months. We are sure to give you bug support for 6 months from the day of delivery.

Airbnb Clone - Free App Submission

Free App Submission

Once you purchase the app, we will submit your app on behalf of you at absolutely no cost.

Airbnb Clone - Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support

Experience free technical support with our skilled technical team.

Airbnb Clone - Laravel Framework

Laravel Admin panel

Get the powerful admin panel with the Laravel framework.

Airbnb Clone - License & Source Code

Free License & Source Code

Get the source code in addition to the free license at hand.

Airbnb Clone - Host Commission

Support after App Rejection

We are here to support you if the app is rejected at the time of submission.

Airbnb Clone - One time payment

One time payment

Do your payment at once. No need to pay at frequent intervals.

Important Features of Airbnb Clone

Benefits of our Airbnb Clone Script

Airbnb Clone - Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework

Best framework which has object oriented libraries, similarly it is of elegant syntax.

Airbnb Clone - Messaging Features

Messaging Features

There are many other ways to communicate with clients, however communications through messages are more flexible. Have a completed communication through this feature.

Airbnb Clone - Host Commission

Host Commission

This is to say, to charge a reasonable percentage to the host on listing their properties.

Airbnb Clone - Business Profile

Business Profile

Firstly, maintaining the professional portfolio with highlighted specifications are very important. Achieve it with this feature.

Airbnb Clone - Manage Calender

Manage Calender

When it comes to booking handling dates are very important, therefore we offer you a system to manage your calendar.

Airbnb Clone - Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Certainly social media engagement brings in more customers, thus we have added social sharing feature.

Airbnb Clone - Invite Friends

Invite Friends

Word of mouth speaks more! This feature enables users to invite their friends to the website so it engages more customers.

Airbnb Clone - Your Trips

Your Trips

Above all, it is necessary to keep up the trip history. Manage your customer’s travel history with the help of this module.

Standarad Features of Airbnb Clone Script

Standarad Aspects of our AirStar

Airbnb Clone - Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Administration for any business is compelling, therefore we build the powerful admin panel.

Airbnb Clone - Page Management

Page Management

Most importantly, organising your host portfolios and other specifications could be done with our active page management system.

Airbnb Clone - User Management

User Management

To clarify, this is to superintend your user’s database in all aspects.

Airbnb Clone - General Settings

General Settings

This module is particularly done to find and manage all the different features of vacation rental script.

Airbnb Clone - SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly URLs

Build your business platform with the recent trends of SEO and digital marketing as a result gain more visitors, thus more customers.

Airbnb Clone - Blast email to users

Blast email to users

Further, Sending bulk emails to your prospects signs up more customers to your website. Enjoy Email Marketing with this spotlight feature.

Airbnb Clone - Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

We specifically harmonise multiple languages to be used by wide range of people.

Standout features of our Airbnb Clone

Standout Features which makes distinct from the others

Airbnb Clone - Google Map Integration

Google Map Integration

We provide google maps, therefore it is easy for your customers to find your place.

Airbnb Clone - Reviews


Moreover, Customer reviews shouts loud to draw more customers to your platform. This module facilitates customers reveal the reviews about their experience.

Airbnb Clone - User Verification

User Verification

Allows only verified customers and users to make bookings, therefore you will be able to support quality website.

Airbnb Clone - Infinity Property listing

Infinity Property Listing

This module concedes unlimited property listing so that you can expand yoru targets to any place on the earth.

Airbnb Clone - Travel Credits

Travel Credits

The feature helps to allot special promotions to the user, which as a result enhances happy relationship with the customer.

Airbnb Clone - Manage Lisitings

Manage Listing

That is to Manage your host listing based on rankings and customer feedback.

Airbnb Clone - Advanced Filter Options

Advanced Search Filter

As user search for more precise results, we give you with the advanced filter option which brings out better results.

Airbnb Clone - Commission Tracking Management

Commission Tracking Management

Keep an eye on your hosts, subsequently track the commission for their registration.

Paid Modules in Airbnb Clone Script

Important paid modules in our Airbnb Clone

Google Calendar - Airbnb Clone

Google calendar

We fuse google calendar with Airbnb clone which might act as a friend. That is to remind you about all your appointments.

Request Booking - Airbnb Clone

Request booking

Importantly it allows creating hyped-up booking and moreover accepts reservation on request.

Per Hour Booking - Airbnb Clone

Per hour booking

During Booking, The module empowers booking and reservation per hour.

Airbnb clone - Experience to event management

Experience to event management

Firstly, It helps you host and manage an event exclusively. Secondly to manage experiences.

Airbnb clone - Multiple time periods with single dates

Experience - Multiple time periods with single dates

Feel the difference!
This implements booking multiple sessions on a single day.

Airbnb Clone - Airpay payment gateway

Airpay payment gateway

Be pleased with the uncomplicated way of money transaction with Airpay payment gateway.

Airbnb Clone - Razor payment gateway

Razorpay payment gateway

Experience better payment transactions with the Razorpay payment gateway incorporation.

How to Monetize Airbnb Clone

Ways for admin to earn money with AirStar

Commission Amount

Commission Amount

Give new rides to the drivers through the website and hence get a particular percentage of commission from them.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Earn further more by making live, the third-party ads on your website.

Per Hour Booking

Host Advertisement

Hosting advertisements effectively works on a website, that indeed draws more valuable customers that scores high profit.

Experience to event management

Featured Listings

List the highly featured products to the view of visitors. This is to grab the attention of more prospects with this module.

Demo Details

Our Admin Panel, Android, iOS Demo Details


Demo videos regarding Airbnb Clone

Pricing plans

AirStar pricing details along with the features

  • Features List

  • 100% Customizable Source Code
  • Free One Time installation
  • Technical support
  • Free support
  • Native Android App
  • Multi Domain License
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Custom Currency Integration
  • Multilingual Integration
  • Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
  • Customised Payment Gateway
  • Bug Resolve
  • Apps Submission
  • White label
  • User-friendly Frontend Panel
  • CMS Pages
  • SEO Friendly
  • Blast email to users
  • General Settings
  • Google Calender
  • Request Booking
  • Per hour booking
  • Experience to event management
  • Multiple Currencies
  • .
  • LITE


    One Time
  • R
  • R
  • Q
  • Q
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  • Q
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  • Start Today
  • PRO


    One Time
  • R
  • R
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  • I want this


    One Time
  • R
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  • Let's Go!

Our Airbnb Clone Script can be used as

Important suggestions about our airbnb clone

Airbnb Clone - Car Rental Script

Car Rental Script

Airbnb clone - Experience to event management

Hotel Booking Script

Airbnb Clone - Boat Rental Script

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Airbnb Clone - Free Space Rental Script

Free Space Rental Script

Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked questions by clients in AirStar

What are the payment methods supported in your scripts?

In our script, we have Paypal and stripe payment gateway system as well as COD.

If the user chooses Stripe, they will enter their card details. Then the card will be validated by stripe. If the card detail is valid, the amount will be deducted from their account. Once the amount is deducted, the order is confirmed by the restaurant owner.

If the user chooses Paypal, they will be redirected to the Paypal site. There they can pay via their PayPal account on card payment.

How admin will transfer funds to HOST?

Firstly, the host will request his share from the host panel. Admin will be notified regarding this payment request. And then, the admin will do the transaction using Stripe and also they can see transaction history as well.

How can I change page content?

Admin dashboard has an option called “Pages”. I that you can change contents or manage static pages from there.

How can I Manage admin commissions?

In order to manage admin commissions choose the option called “Host Commission”. From there, the admin can set commission for every host.

How host can block booking in unavailable dates?

In short, the host can block unavailable dates in the property listing.

Is the applications are native and what are the technologies used for develop mobile apps?

Yes, Applications are native. For Android we are using Rx Java 2,Rx Android 2,Retrofit 2,MVP architectural pattern.

How can we set cancellation charges from admin when the user cancels the booking?

Users can cancel upcoming trips only.
If the user cancels booking before one week from check-in date, a 10% amount will be deducted from the paid amount
If they cancel before 2 days from check-in date, 50% amount will be deducted from the paid amount
If it is canceled before 1 day from check-in date, 90% amount will be deducted from paid amount These day and percentage settings are static.

What about the experience module?

Experience module is like an event or day out. This enables to host an event or share their experience or hobbies or skills without needing an extra room.

Do I own source codes if I purchase Airstar?

Yes. We provide the source code of Airstar

What you mean by domain license?

The product is valid only under a single domain.

Can the user reschedule a booking?

No, According to the script user cannot reschedule the booking. But it is possible on customization depending upon requirements.

Minimum and maximum versions supported for android and iOS apps?

For Android MINSDK is 21 (Lollipop 5.0) and MAXSDK is 28 (Pie 9.0)

How to create playstore account and how much does it cost?

Follow the steps in the link
It will cost US$25.00.

Server Settings

Required server settings to host AirStar

PHP Version >= 5.6

Max_input_time : “600″

Max_input_vars : “600″

Max_execution_time : “600″

File_uploads : “ON”

Max_file_uploads : “256MB”

Upload_max_filesize : “256MB”

Post_max_size : “256MB”


Safe_mode: Off

Enable: PDO, File Info, Mbstring, Mcrypt, Shell_exec, Mysqli, Mod_rewrite, Open SSL, Tokenizer

Web Server

Apache 2.0+

Operating systems



MySQL 5.6+

Stable V1.0.4 [Latest Version]:

1. Google calendar
2. Request booking
3. Per hour booking
4. Experience to event management
5. Experience – Multiple time periods with single dates
6. Airpay payment gateway
7. Razorpay payment gateway

Stable V1.0.3:

1. Contact host
2. Set multiple host language for each experience

Stable V1.0.2:

1. List your experience
2. Reviews
3. Social media sharings

Beta V1.0.1: [Initial Release]

1. List your rooms
2. Wishlist
3. Social media logins

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