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Reasons to hire AngularJS developers from Abservetech

Enormous Experience

We have a well-dedicated Angular development team to deliver diverse Angular solutions to the client that converts the client's business career into a successful way. And our experts have vast experience in all technologies.

Profound Technical Knowledge

Our dedicated angular programmers have gained profound technical knowledge in Angular development. That enables us to give you the unique and the best angular development solutions.

Daily reports

Our Angular Development team maintains flawless communication with the client and gives regular project updates.

Follow Agile Methodology

By Developing bugs-free products, we strictly follow the agile methodology to ensure continuous testing, delivery, deployment, and iterative development.

Easily Approachable

We are accessible 24/7 from anywhere as our Angular programmers are ready to communicate with our clients. We are engaged in all social media platforms to provide full support to the client.


We give the best Angular solutions to well-within your budget and prevent you from spending thousands of dollars. And we mainly offer services for start-up entrepreneurs to develop the business without any difficulties.

100% Data Security

We maintain the client's data more secure including, the project details, specifications, and customer details, by keeping it highly confidential. Our Angular developers develop the app code in a shuttered environment. So there is no chance for any misuse.

Scalable & Robust

We, Abservetech is a leading website design and Development Company, we help enhance the client's businesses into globalized with our scalable & robust websites and apps.

Our AngularJS Project Development Process

Gather Business Requirement

Our dedicated angular developers first collect the client requirements to provide a fruitful product.

Analyze client business

After gathering the information, our angular development team will analyze the collected requirements for developing the design part.


We develop a user interface and a user experience design from the client's specification and check the working condition.


After the customer approval for each app screen, the coding part begins, and our team starts to develop the app functionality.

QA Testing

After completing the coding parts, the app will go through the testing side. In this part, check the quality of the product and find the defects.


After finishing the testing process, we will deploy the client project to the server.

Support and Maintainance

After the completion of deployment, the product gets maintained by the development team. If any issue comes up, it will take care of by our Angular developer team.

Service we provide in Hire AngularJS Developers

Custom Angular development

Our dedicated Angular developers provide you with customized Angular solutions that show high scalability and performance.

Ajax development

We Abservetech have professional angular developers who are well-adept in Ajax web development technologies. Ajax is the combination of different technologies such as CSS, XML Request (XHR), XHTML, and JavaScript. So our angular experts seamlessly create an app or web.

Angular Ecommerce Portal Development

Angular is one of the best platforms for developing an eCommerce site. With the help of AngularJS, creating a feature-rich and interactive shopping cart is simple. Let us help you develop an easy and robust portal system with floating panels.

Angular maintenance & support

We tend to provide you with 24/7 reliable testing & maintenance service with the best Angular solutions.

UI/UX development

Hire AngularJS programmers to build interactive web apps to increase your online business. Our dedicated Angular developers provide attractive UI/UX development services following industry standards.

Custom Angular Plugin Development

We provide highly-connected and data-driven enterprise-oriented custom Angular plugin development services to satisfy your unique business obligations.

Who we are and what do we do?

We create Innovations

We add requisite visions to the table that is integral to making the app superior. Furthermore, we strive to bring out the best with our expertise in the field.

Being Collaborative

We take an active part in addressing your queries and acknowledging your requirements. Consequently, we believe our shared interests will help achieve the desired results.

Deep Expertise

Our strong technical team is at your service to help you with all your technical queries. Our developer's in-depth knowledge adds significance to providing focused solutions that meet customer objectives.

Addressing Challenges

We look to address challenges with the agility that best reflects our comprehensive approach. Moreover, as your strategic partner, we incorporate ways to bring forward the best ideas to deal with challenges.

Quick Implementation

Our methodologies are in such a way that after comprehensive study and analysis, we get down to delivering the project quickly and efficiently. Also, we provide the working versions to enable us to make further improvements based on your needs.

Key Stats


Successfully Years


Developers Strong


Projects Completed


Global Clients


Customer Satisfaction

Why Does Your Business Need AngularJS Apps?

Some prominent companies that use the AngularJS platform are Google, Amazon, Udemy, and Intel. Let us look into the factors that make the AngularJS framework preferable in web application development for your business.

Easy Maintenance

AngularJS facilitates easy maintenance of the website, which can otherwise turn out to be a tedious task. It results in the efficacy of the application.

Interactive User Interface Development

AngularJS facilitates the development of a highly interactive user interface. A user-friendly and creative web application goes a long way in benefitting the business.

Enhanced Security

AngularJS framework incorporates many security features to protect from threats. As a result, it enables developers to develop secure applications.

Speeds up Development

The fact that AngularJS is testing-friendly speeds up the development time. Also, it requires less coding, which contributes to speeding the application development.

Testing Friendly

AngularJS employs a unit-testing method, which in turn helps build the desired application effectively. Further, it facilitates easy online performance testing, finding and correcting errors, which benefits businesses in the long run.

What makes AngularJS a good web development platform?

Interactive User Interface Development

AngularJS facilitates the development of a highly interactive user interface. A user-friendly and creative web application goes a long way in benefitting the business.

A Wide Array of Tools

The availability of a wide range of tools makes web app development easy. Tools are available for building, workflow management, and testing.

Code Reusability

The code reusability feature makes AngularJS a preferred platform for web development. Code reusability helps build the project quickly and easily.

Powerful Framework

AngularJS is a robust framework that enables developers to build dynamic and well-performing applications. It aids businesses in achieving the desired results with the application.


AngularJS is considered a cost-effective solution for web app development for multiple reasons. Firstly, developers can reuse them to build websites which saves time. Secondly, it speeds up the development time as it is also testing-friendly.

Minimal Coding and Testing Friendly

AngularJS requires less coding compared to others. Further, AngularJS employs a unit-testing method, which in turn helps build the desired application effectively.

Is it reasonable to Hire Developers from India?

Efficient and Productive Workforce

It is, in general understanding, that developers from India add a lot to the table with their exceptional skills. With talented and experienced developers on your side, there is a strong potential for growth.

24/7 Operations

The time zone difference makes it favorable as the off-shore development team can provide support and maintenance whenever necessary. It is possible to achieve around-the-clock development without any delays.


Transparency plays a significant role in customer satisfaction. We keep customers in the loop about the progress of the developmental stages of the project.

Hiring Indian Developers is Economical

Not only are Indian developers highly qualified, but they also provide services at a reasonable price compared to developers from other regions.

Adhere to Global Standards

Indian developers adhere to global standards by imbibing the best practices and productivity tools. In addition, they also strive to provide uncompromising services.

Hiring Process

Analyzing Customer Requirements

We believe in a structured and systematic approach, which is why we go to great lengths in analyzing our customer's needs and working on delivering the desired results with our product.

Hiring an Angular JS Developer

After analyzing customer requirements, we assist in shortlisting and selecting the right fit for your business. We intend to take the pressure off you on what may otherwise seem like a tedious process.

A Variety of Hiring Models

Clients can choose the engagement model that suits their needs. It helps pick the one that best reflects your requirements, thus aiding in achieving the desired results.

Sign Up and Start

After ensuring that our resources meet our client's expectations, we start working on the project.

Project Deliverys

We commit to keeping you informed and giving frequent updates on the developmental stages of the project. It will provide you with up-to-date measures taken on designing, coding, and managing the project.

Skill Set of Our Angular JS Developer

UI/UX Development

Our AngularJS developers work to optimize the app to make it user-friendly and convenient. A good user experience increases customer satisfaction and reflects on the success measure of the application.

API Integration

APIs enable the seamless operation and performance of applications and web systems. We offer API integration to bring about new functionalities that help accomplish your goals.

Angular CLI

Angular CLI is considered one of the essential skills for an Angular developer. It offers several benefits, including customizing the app by adding new components.

Node Package Manager

Node Package Manager is used to install client-side web development packages. It is one of the essential tools for Angular installation, as it provides various types of commands to manage the dependency required in angular applications.

Custom Development

Our developers have a knack for providing customized solutions to your business needs. We work to improve the scalability and performance of the application.

AJAX Development

AJAX is a technique that makes web applications better, faster, and more interactive. We bring forth an application implemented with AJAX for advanced functionality.


Technologies that our Angularjs developers are proficient in


  • AngularJS
  • Angular 2+
  • NDRX(Angular + Redux)


  • Angular Material
  • Angular UI Router
  • Angular Animate
  • Angular Formly
  • Angulartics2
  • AngularFire
  • ng-bootstrap
  • ng-zorro-antd
  • ngx-charts
  • ngx-translate
  • google maps


  • PostgreSQL
  • Rethinkdb
  • Mongodb
  • Firebase
  • CouchDB
  • MySQL

Tool & Utilities

  • VS Code
  • Sublime
  • Webstorm

Pricing Plan

Our Hiring Models

Contents Dedicated Part-Time Hourly Basis
Working hours

8 Hours Per Day

4 Hours Per Day

10 Hours per week

Contract Period

3 Months

3 Months

3 Months


Agile and Waterfall

Agile and Waterfall


Requirement Type




Client’s Involvement




Size of Project







Minimum 80 hours


Phone, Chat, E-mail

Phone, Chat, E-mail

Phone, Chat, E-mail

Project Trackers

Daily Reports,Jira

Weekly Report,Jira

Weekly Report,Jira

Time to get right developers

1 to 3 days

1 to 3 days

1 to 3 days

Termination costs




Quality guarantee




Project failure risk




Hiring Period (Min)

1 Month

1 Month

25 Hours

Milestone based payment




Long projects




Frequently Asked Questions

When you hire AngularJS Developer in our company, we will complete your project on time which is cost-effective for the clients.

Yes, we will hand over our client's project on time without delay. As stated earlier, our team is punctual in delivering the projects.

Yes, we will let you speak directly with our dedicated Angular developers.

Yes, we will provide a free consultation to our clients to strengthen their plans effectively.

Based on our client requirements, we calculate the project timing and duration.

Yes, we will work on an hourly basis, and it's on the Indian Standard Time zone[IST].

Abservetech provides 24/7 support to our customers. We will afford the best assistance to our clients.

Yes, we will arrange an individual project manager for every project. And that team will not do another project without completing the current project.

Through Phone, Skype, and Email, a client can communicate with our team.

Yes, we will sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement for security purposes. And we make our client's details more confidential.

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