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Reasons to hire iOS developers from Abservetech

Expert iOS Developers

We Abservetech have a separate team of expert iOS developers capable of creating apps for clients / customer’s ideas.

Free Support

We provide 24-hour free support to all our clients doing business with us. Clients can connect us by Skype, WhatsApp, and email id.

Free App Submission

After completion of every project, Our team will submit the corresponding apps in Android and iOS ecosystems.

Support after App rejection

If the client apps get rejected while submitting on Google Play or the App Store, We will take responsibility and fix the bugs.

Free Consultation

We provide a free consultation to all the customers looking to start a business with it. We will provide the required solution to the client’s queries.

Creativity and Innovation

Our expert developers are available with modern Android and iOS development technologies and designs. It will be capable of handling any client project.

100% Confidentiality

All the discussions and the project details between the clients and the developers will remain as a private conversation.

Affordable Pricing

Pricing should not be an obstacle for a customer looking to start a business. So, we are willing to provide app development at an affordable cost.

Our iOS App Development Process

Information gathering

Gathering the requirements, ideas from clients and provide valuable solutions to them.


Sketching of designs, a workflow of the client project, and submit to the client for approval.

Client Approval

The client provides their feedbacks to design, and if any changes, they can revert to the team.


After the client approves of each app screen, the coding part begins.


We provide both manual and automatic tests to our coding. We will fix it if it counters any error.


After the end of the testing stage, we will deploy the client project from our server to the corresponding client-server.

Who we are and what we do?

We create Innovations

We add requisite visions to the table that is integral to making the app superior. Furthermore, we strive to bring out the best with our expertise in the field.

Being Collaborative

We take an active part in addressing your queries and acknowledging your requirements. Consequently, we believe our shared interests will help achieve the desired results.

Deep Expertise

Our strong technical team is at your service to help you with all your technical queries. Our developer's in-depth knowledge adds significance to providing focused solutions that meet customer objectives.

Addressing Challenges

We aim to address challenges with the agility that best reflects our comprehensive approach. Moreover, as your strategic partner, we incorporate ways to bring forward the best ideas to deal with challenges.

Quick Implementation

Our methodologies are in such a way that after comprehensive study and analysis, we get down to delivering the project quickly and efficiently. Also, we provide the working versions to enable us to make further improvements based on your needs.

Key Stats


Successfully Years


Developers Strong


Projects Completed


Global Clients


Customer Satisfaction

What Makes iOS a Good Application Development Platform?

Rapid Development Process

iOS apps take considerably less time than Android apps to build. The fact that developers need to focus on only a limited number of devices and the code is more straightforward and faster makes it a preferred platform.

Good User Interface

With iOS, it is easy to build apps that have an interactive user interface that is equally engaging to say the least.


Apple follows stringent shield practices that aid in building high-end secure iOS apps. Thus, the fact that it is highly secure makes it an ideal platform.

Easy Testing

Unlike Android, there are only a few devices that use iOS. As can be established, fewer versions translate into less time taken for testing and development.

Apple's Stature and Growing Audience

The regard for Apple is immense globally. As can be seen, it directly leads to more users gravitating to Apple devices and iOS apps, gaining more market reach.

Better Quality

In the case of iOS apps, they have to follow criteria set for them to meet the norms before they reach the market. To achieve the standards, developers practice a standardized development approach. Assuredly, this results in a more pleasing product.

Is it reasonable to Hire Developers from India?

Efficient and Productive Workforce

It is, in general understanding, that developers from India add a lot to the table with their exceptional skills. With talented and experienced developers on your side, there is a strong potential for growth.

24/7 Operations

Another vital point to consider is the difference in time zones speeds up the development. The offshore development team can aid in the support and maintenance when required.


Time and again, it has been ascertained that Indian developers provide services at a far reasonable price compared to their peers from other countries. Further, they constructively pitch in ideas, contributing to the success of your business.

Adherence to Global Standards

It is critical to realize that Indian developers adhere to global standards by pursuing the best practices. What's more, they are in pursuit of leveling up their work actively.


For any business, maintaining transparency goes a long way in building customer trust. With this in mind, we keep customers in the loop about the progress of the project development.

Hiring Process

Analyzing Customer Requirements

The first thing to remember is that following a structured and organized way is vital to bringing out the desired product. With this in mind, we go to great lengths to analyze our customer's needs.

Hiring iOS Developer

We assist in shortlisting and selecting the right fit for your business. We intend to take the pressure off you on what may otherwise seem like a tedious process.

A Variety of Hiring Models

Clients can choose the engagement model that suits their needs. It helps select the one that best reflects your business goals, thus aiding in achieving the desired results.

Getting Started

After ensuring that our resources meet our client's expectations, we start working on the project. We go the extra mile to bring out a well-performing product.

Project Delivery

We commit to keeping you informed and giving frequent updates on the progress. To this end, we keep you in the loop by detailing the phases of the developmental stages of the project.

Skill Set of Our iOS Developers

Good Knowledge of Swift

Swift is the programming language designed by Apple to develop iOS apps. Our developers, with their expert knowledge in Swift, build feature-rich apps. Swift is the most favored language used in developing iOS apps, and proficiency in it is deemed vital.

Expertise in Objective - C and Cocoa Touch

Just like Swift Objective - C is another programming language used in iOS development. Though Swift came in to replace Objective - C, it is still preferred. It has advantages - for instance, Apple offers continuous support. Our team is strong in Objective - C and Cocoa Touch - a user interface framework for building iOS apps.

Proficient in Grand Central Dispatch

Our iOS developers are proficient in GCD, which is used in iOS to achieve concurrency and parallelism in iOS apps. In other words, it helps perform multiple tasks in the background and avoid serial execution.

Custom Software Services

Our team has a knack for providing customized solutions that align with your business goals. We do not lose sight of what our customers deem important and work rigorously to achieve the desired results.

Good Debugging Skills

For a web application to run successfully, it must be bug-free. To this end, our developers augment the app's performance with their debugging skills.

Knowledge of Git

Our developers are familiar with Git. Knowledge of Git is essential regardless of the platform. It is a tool used to manage multiple versions of source code edits. Without a doubt, it plays a vital role when it comes to app development.

Our Expertise

Machine Learning

BlockChain Development

Artificial Intelligence

Wearable Devices

Augmented Reality

Real-time tracking

Face Detection


Voice Search

Payment Gateway

Photo / Video Editing

Dark Mode

Industries We Serve




Food and Beverages

Health & Fitness


Real Estate

Social Networking


Technologies that our ios developers are proficient in


  • Uikit
  • AVfoundation
  • ARKit
  • Corebluetooth
  • AVKit
  • Quartzcore


  • SQLite
  • Core data
  • Firestore
  • Realm


  • Alamofire
  • Firebase
  • Swiftyjson
  • MbprogresshUD
  • Kingfisher

Tools & Utilities

  • Swift
  • Objective C
  • Swift UI
  • Xcode


  • Chat
  • Charts
  • Map
  • Map, Audio / Video Call
  • Audio / Video Player
  • Localisation

Pricing Plan

Our Hiring Models

Contents Dedicated Part-Time Hourly Basis
Working hours

8 Hours Per Day

4 Hours Per Day

10 Hours per week

Contract Period

3 Months

3 Months

3 Months


Agile and Waterfall

Agile and Waterfall


Requirement Type




Client’s Involvement




Size of Project







Minimum 80 hours


Phone, Chat, E-mail

Phone, Chat, E-mail

Phone, Chat, E-mail

Project Trackers

Daily Reports,Jira

Weekly Report,Jira

Weekly Report,Jira

Time to get right developers

1 to 3 days

1 to 3 days

1 to 3 days

Termination costs




Quality guarantee




Project failure risk




Hiring Period (Min)

1 Month

1 Month

25 Hours

Milestone based payment




Long projects




Frequently Asked Questions

It is a good question when you hire dedicated iOS app developers, they can help you to finish the project in time and it is cost-effective.

We have a dedicated technical team to provide you 24×7 customer support. Just drop your query in Email or Phone or Skype and you will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.

Yes sure, we have a range of expertise in all domain like Business Analyst, Developer, Tester who will surely help you to customize all your required needs.

Yes, you will have a separate project manager to handle your project.

Yes, the hired iOS app developer will work only on your project.

Yes, we will sign NDA [Non-Disclosure Aggrement] and provide 100% security for the coding.

The duration of the iOS app can be calculated based on client requirements.

Yes, we work on an hourly basis and in Indian standard time [IST] time zone.

You can communicate with Skype, Phone, or Email.

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