Searching for the best alcohol delivery app stores late at night can be hectic. 

In the current alcohol delivery market business, Many companies offer you to buy alcoholic drinks online & you can receive them at your doorsteps.

Over the past 3 to 5 years, The alcohol delivery business has been growing steadily compared with the previous years. A recent blog for the TechCrunch website speaks about the immense growth in online alcohol delivery.

If you are looking to order alcohol online in the United States, Here are the top 10 alcohol delivery websites you use.

Here are the top 8 alcohol delivery websites in the United States,

How do alcohol delivery apps work?

If you are wondering how alcohol delivery apps work, the answer is pretty simple- more like a food delivery app. Yes, just like a food delivery app connecting users with restaurant partners, an alcohol delivery app is a platform that connects buyers with liquor stores. The delivery drivers or, in some cases, the retailers deliver alcohol to customers. 

Instead of strictly limiting their services to only delivering alcohol, alcohol delivery apps can offer beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, cocktail accessories, and more. We have listed the best liquor delivery apps here, and as we proceed, we gain more information on how they operate.

Top 8 Alcohol Delivery Apps in the United States:

1) Drizly

2) Instacart

3) Saucey

4) Minibar

5) Doordash

6) Swill

7) Winc

8) GoPuff


Drizly is one of the top alcohol delivery apps in the United States. It lets the customer browse through the list of alcohol varieties from their website, order them, and receive them at their doorsteps instantly. Drizly offers several items, including beer, wine, soda, non-alcoholic drinks, etc. 

Drizly, when compared to other alcohol delivery apps, operates differently. It does not deliver orders with its delivery drivers. Instead, they work with retailers and sell their products to customers directly. It is the retailers that provide the delivery service. So, the delivery charges and time may vary from retailer to retailer.

The best thing about Drizly is that they deliver in under one hour. 


  • Drizly promises timely delivery.
  • It contains an extensive variety of alcohol, so finding the perfect drink is easy.
  • Drizly gives personalized recommendations for customers. 
  • Drizly serves the most number of markets and provides an organized shopping experience to users.


  • Delivery charges vary from vendor to vendor.
  • One-hour delivery is not available in some cities.

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Instacart, the well-known grocery delivery app, is one of the top alcohol delivery apps. Instacart connects customers with a personal shopper in the area to shop and then deliver the order. The Instacart app and website enable users to track their orders and know the status of orders till they receive them.

In addition to beer, wine, and spirits, customers can get cocktail accessories and alcohol-making kits from Instacart. 


  • Contactless delivery is available. 
  • Instacart allows scheduled deliveries. 
  • Instacart offers other delivery options, like same-day delivery and pickup.


  • Service is limited to some cities.
  • Instacart checks for the customer’s ID before delivering alcohol.

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Saucey is another top alcohol delivery app that partners with local retailers to deliver alcohol within thirty minutes. When a user makes an order on the app, Saucey connects them with the liquor stores and drivers, who then take it to their doorstep. 

Saucey lets customers choose from a wide variety of liquor, beer, wine, spirits, and tobacco. It sources these items from both local and nationwide providers.


  • Scheduled delivery options are available.
  • Customers can enjoy fast and reliable delivery within an hour.
  • Saucey does not require customers to order a minimum value. 
  • Saucey has a reward program for frequent users of the app.


  • Saucey makes ID verification mandatory when delivering alcohol.
  • The number of cities that Saucey serves is limited.

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Launched in 2014, Minibar connects customers with local liquor stores and vineyards. Customers can receive alcohol in under an hour. Minibar has over 200 partners in the US. 

Minibar has a program called Vineyard Select, where it partners with high-quality vineyards. Customers can get exclusive wine collections, making Minibar most suitable for wine lovers. 

Also, Minibar lets customers book bartenders and get wine and cocktail recommendations, amongst other services.


  • Minibar allows customers to connect and directly shop from vineyards. 
  • Minibar offers other services like cocktail recipes and recommendations, book bartenders, etc.


  • It doesn’t cover a large area and offers only shipping in some areas.
  • The app interface is not that friendly. 

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DoorDash, the popular food ordering platform, is also one of the top alcohol delivery apps. Stores selling alcohol can market on DoorDash and connect with customers looking to order beer, wine, etc. Customers can browse through the stores on the DoorDash app or website and make orders. DoorDash then delivers with their delivery drivers. The average delivery time taken by DoorDash is under 35 minutes. 


  • Stores partnering with DoorDash can use a tool called DoorPass and make targeted promotions to increase revenue. 
  • DoorDash delivers in a short time.


  • Customers need to have their IDs verified when delivering. 
  • DoorDash does not provide its service in many states in the US.

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Swill, launched in New York, is an online alcohol-delivering platform that enables users to pick their favorite drink from a range of products. Swill matches users to liquor stores that give them access to order from a vast range of beers, wines, sodas, mixers, spirits, and more. 

Swill claims to partner with more retailers in New York than any other online alcohol provider. Swill also assures delivery within an hour from ordering. 


  • Swill allows for a flexible working schedule for delivery drivers. 
  • Swill has partnered with many stores and retailers in New York, allowing its customers access to a large variety of drinks.


  • Limited coverage.
  • A customer needs to fulfill the minimum order requirement.

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Winc is a wine club that matches customers with the wine of their preference, providing easy access. The California-based wine club lets users take algorithm-based quizzes and then recommends drinks based on them. Another unique thing about Winc is that it offers a subscription model for users, allowing them to subscribe to an alcohol package to receive at their doorstep every month. 


  • Winc provides options to buy low-sugar wines if customers have any dietary preferences. 
  • Fast and reliable shipping.


  • Winc is known for its poor customer service.
  • Winc offers customers less transparency about its wines.

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With headquarters in Philadelphia, Gopuff is a food delivery business. But it is also one of the top alcohol delivery apps in the US. From the beginning, Gopuff has been aiming to provide solutions for rapid deliveries. It promises a speedy 30 minutes or even less.

GoPuff acquired the alcohol and beverage retailer in 2021, and the company was estimated to be worth $15 billion.  

GoPuff delivers everything from home essentials to food delivery. Customers can subscribe to Gopuff Fam, which offers many perks, including no order fee. 


  • By subscribing to Gopuff Fam, customers can get their order fee waived.
  • Promises speedy delivery, sometimes even less than 30 minutes.


  • GoPuff delivers alcohol only in select markets.
  • GoPuff offers limited items for customers to shop from.

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To Wrap Up:

As we saw in the cases of the top alcohol delivery apps listed above, launching an alcohol delivery service requires adopting a simple business model. As the inclination to get things done online continues, starting an online alcohol delivery business will yield high returns. 

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