Searching for best alcohol delivery apps stores late at night can be hectic. 

In the current alcohol delivery market business, Many companies offer you to buy alcoholic drinks online & you can receive them at your doorsteps.

Over the past 3 to 5 years, The alcohol delivery business has been growing higher steadily on comparing with the previous years. A recent blog for the TechCrunch website speaks about the immense growth in online alcohol delivery.

If you are looking to order alcohol online in the United States, Here are the top 10 alcohol delivery websites you use.

Here are the top 8 alcohol delivery websites in the United States,

Top 8 Alcohol Delivery Apps in the United States:

1) Drizly

2) Instacart

3) Saucey

4) Minibar

5) Doordash

6) Swill

7) Winc

8) GoPuff


Drizly is one of the most popular online alcohol delivery apps in the United States. It lets the customer browse through the list of alcohol varieties from their website, Order them, And receive them on their doorsteps instantly. Drizly provides beer, wine, and liquor delivery via its mobile app and website. The best thing about Drizly is that they deliver the corresponding alcohol brands and categories in under one hour.


1) Wide range of alcohol brands and categories

2) Affordable cost

3) Timely delivery


1) One-hour delivery option is not available in some cities

2) The shipping cost of the alcohol may vary based on their vendors

3) Not available in some cities

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Instacart is an online grocery delivery app that also provides alcohol delivery. In Instacart App, you can order your favorite alcohol and receive it at your doorsteps within 2 hours of order. You can also order snacks, food items, and groceries on the Instacart website.


1) Regular offers through the lots of alcohol brands

2) Regularly updating new cities on the website

3) Exclusive alcohol brands


1) Limited cities

2) Extra service fee

3) While receiving your alcohol order, You must show your id proof to the delivery boy.

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Saucey is one of the most preferred online alcohol delivery app among customers primarily because of its quick delivery. If you are in the United States, Saucey is the top brand to order alcohol. They promise 30 mins delivery. As a customer, your task is simple, you need to pick an alcohol brand, update it in the cart, and pay for it.


1) Offers available to the most of the brands

2) The service fee may vary from one vendor to another vendor

3) 30-mins delivery option


1) Available only to the limited cities

2) Variable delivery costs

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Minibar has reportedly done more than 2 million deliveries in and around the United States. If you are looking, to buy a huge stock of alcohol brands, you can choose Minibar. The best thing about the Minibar is that you can schedule your orders for later.


1) Partnership with the local liquor stores

2) 30 mins delivery 

3) Various alcohol brands & categories


1) Limited to only 18 states in the United States

2) A customer must fulfill the minimum order requirement to order successfully

3) They provide shipping for limited cities

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Doordash is one of the best food item & alcohol beverage suppliers. It allows the customers to shortlist and browse the alcohol outlets from the nearby locations. To order using Doordash, You need to download the app, browse through the alcohol brands and options available in the app, enter your address and payment details, and that’s it.


1) Free order delivery without any delivery cost.

2) Wide-variety of alcohol brands and categories are available.

3) High-quality alcohol is served.


1) Most of the states have limited alcohol establishments.

2) The order of alcohol deliveries in doordash may decrease the purchase of the food items.

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Swill lets the customers order varieties of wine, beer, spirits, etc. One of the best parts about the Swill is that it promises 60-minutes to your doorstep. It also offers a wide range of other services like sodas and juices to order with alcohol. Swill apps allow the customers to cocktails from their place. The customers can mix tons of tonics, and sodas based on their preferences. 


1) Lots of brands & categories

2) 60 mins delivery time

3) Customized orders


1) A customer needs to fulfill the minimum order requirement

2) Only limited to several cities

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Winc provides a subscription model for the customers. It allows the customers to subscribe to an alcohol package & receive it at their respective homes every month. Winc started, in the year 2012, With the ultimate goal to provide wine accessible to all parts of the United States.


1) Sample different categories of wine

2) Flexible subscriptions

3) Customize wine based on your preferences


1) Shipping is not available to all states

2) It takes a lot of time to delivery 

3) Discount offers are not available to limited orders

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GoPuff is a food and beverage service provider that promises to deliver products within 30 minutes in the United States. In addition to the food and beverages, GoPuff also provides cleaning products, food, gadgets, medications, etc. If you want to save money on the GoPuff website, join the FAM membership program. From this membership, you can enjoy free delivery to your doorsteps. 


1) Available in more than 1000+ cities

2) Lesser delivery fees on comparing with other companies

3) Late night deliveries are also available


1) Variable shipping costs

2) Variable delivery costs

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To Wrap Up:

The above listed are some of the top 8 alcohol delivery websites in the United States. You can choose any of the above-listed websites. If you are interested in building a brand like the above-listed websites, You can choose our product RebuAlcohol to get started with the alcohol business.