Uber is one of the top companies providing taxi booking services for customers. And it also acts as a platform for the drivers to earn money with it. As of 2020, Uber is available in around 72 countries and 10,500 cities worldwide. Uber also provides food delivery, package delivery, freight transportation, electric bicycle services, etc. In the blog, I’ll explain how you can register in the Uber app and earn money with it and the top features of Uber clone script. 

How to earn money from the Uber app as a driver:

1) The first step is to download the Uber Driver app from Google Play or App Store according to your smart device.

2) Then, Register in the Uber Driver app, upload all the documents, and submit them for verification to Uber.

3) A representative from Uber will look at the documents, and they will take a call.

4) If your document is verified successfully, you can accept or decline ride requests from the customers.

5) After completing the trip, The customer can pay the amount to you via a wallet or pay by cash option. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking to build an Uber-like app, Here are the top 15 features you should consider having in your app.

Top 10 Effective Features Of Uber Clone Script:

  • Promocodes
  • Driver Package Payment
  • Share taxi / Carpooling Option
  • Peak hours pricing
  • Heat map
  • Live meter
  • Wallet payment
  • Ride Later
  • In-app call / chat
  • Real-time navigation


Promocodes are one of the essential features to bring more customers to the platform. This option is available to the admin of the online taxi booking product. It allows the admin to generate promocodes and send them to the customers available on the platform. And also, it is beneficial for the customers to get discounts during the checkout process.

Driver Package Payment:

A driver can buy a package from their application and use this credited amount while paying the commission amount to the admin. This option allows the drivers to go cashless way. It is helpful during any emergencies cases. 

Share Taxi / Carpooling Option:

In the current situation, the Share taxi / Carpooling option is one of the primary options in the Uber clone software. Many customers are looking for this option. It lets the customers share their rides with the other riders. This option leads to a reduction in toll fares, pollution, etc. 

Peak Hours Pricing:

Generally, In a taxi booking app business, there is a need to charge customers extra during peak hours. It is one of the primary options in taxi booking software. By using this option, the admin can set variable prices during peak hours of business. It lets the admin charge more, and the drivers can earn more.

Heat Map:

The heat map is one of the advanced features available in Uber clone software. Using this option, The admin can notice the most traffic places to the least traffic places around the cities. Most traffic places are available with the dark orange to the lesser traffic places. If you are looking to start a taxi booking business, the Heat map is one of the must include options.

Live meter:

A live meter is available to the customer of the taxi booking software. It allows the customers to view the estimated taxi fare before starting a ride. This option is available in most taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, Grab, etc. 

Wallet Payment:

The wallet payment option allows both the rider and the driver to credit payment directly to their corresponding apps. By default, an online taxi booking script comes with a PayPal payment gateway. If you need a new payment gateway, you can ask the development team to update a new payment gateway in it.

Ride Later:

Ride later allows the customers / riders to book a ride for future purposes. For example, a rider can book a ride before one week itself. It is helpful during emergencies cases.

In-app Call / Chat:

This option is available for both the driver and the rider. It allows the driver, rider to call, chat with each other, once the driver has accepted the ride request. 

Real-time Navigation:

Real-time navigation is one of the essential options in taxi booking software. It shows the exact route and path for the driver to reach the rider easily. 

Wrap up:

If you want to start a business like Uber, Ola, or Grab instantly, You can use the ready-made products or software like RebuStar to get started with your business. 

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