Online learning is the current topic the world is going through. Most countries are encouraging online education to the students in schools and colleges due to the current crisis by covid 19. Every class around the world is taking place via Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. Many companies are looking for their own software due to privacy concerns in third-party software. It is the golden opportunity for the software developer to build their own advanced online learning management script. To help the companies, many software development companies have built ready-made e-learning software. This software is simple and easy to use.

Among the group, one of the best online learning management scripts is EduStar. It is built by Abservetech Private Limited using the Laravel framework and Php. EduStar contains all the features of online learning software available in it. Generally, an online learning management script has three main stakeholders. They are admin, learner, and instructor. Here are some of the essential features available in an online learning management script, they are,

Online Learning Management Script:

Features of Online Learning Management Script:

  • Powerful Admin panel
  • Quizzes
  • Promo Videos
  • Download Lectures
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Promo codes
  • Advertisement
  • Live Class
  • Multiple Languages and Currencies

Powerful Admin Panel:

Our EduStar product is available with a powerful admin panel. Infact, The admin can manage the whole EduStar product using this panel. The essentials options like payment reports, transactions, language, and currency management are available here.


After the completion of each topic, The instructor can place questions and answers to the learner. This option is helpful to understand that section much easier and quicker.

Promo Videos:

Admin can update promo advertisement videos to instructor videos. It helps the admin to make money through video advertisements.

Download lectures:

After the purchase of the course, the learner can download resources like videos, pdf from the course material. It allows the learner to learn offline and anytime without an internet connection.

Certificates of completion:

Students can earn a course completion certificate after completing the entire course. These course completion certificates are helpful in job interviews, etc.

Promo Codes:

Admin can provide free promo codes to instructors and learners. Both the stakeholders can use these promo codes to get massive discounts.


This option is available for the admin of the product. The admin can use this option to earn money with it. Advertisers pay admin to place their ads on the website and mobile application.

Live Class:

It is one of the best features available in our EduStar product. It allows the instructor to conduct a live class for the learners instantly.

Multiple Languages and Currencies:

Our EduStar is available in multiple languages and currencies. We provide customization based on the client language and currency requirements.

If you are impressed with our EduStar product or looking to start your own online learning management script business, then our EduStar is the best in the market.

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