Here are excited to announce that we are our product is available in Android and iOS app. We have developed our EduStar [Online education platform] using Google’s flutter technology. Our new EduStar app comes with lots of exciting features. Our advanced EduStar app features are

  • Dark mode / Light mode Theme
  • Multi-Language / RTL Support
  • Purchase and Enroll courses
  • MyCourse / Wish List Option
  • Q&A, Announcement, Share Course

Dark mode / Light mode theme

Our EduStar app supports both dark and light mode. A learner can switch between the light and dark mode easily. The option to switch between is available in the settings menu.

Multi-language / RTL support

Our online education platform supports multiple languages. If a client wants to enable a new language based on their country. We will provide the required customizations. By default, our app comes with English, Tamil, and Urdu.

Purchase and Enroll courses

A learner can register with our EduStar [Online Learning Portal] easily. After the learner registration, they can browse by typing technology name, course name, and instructor name. It is easy to navigate and find the required course materials.

My course / Wish list option

A learner can buy their desired course from the list. When a learner buys a course, some percentage commission amount gets credited to the admin of the EduStar product. A Learner can view the list of their course in the “My course” section. A learner can also add a course to the wish list to buy that course for future usage.

Q&A, Announcement, Share course

When an instructor uploads a course material, they can add questions and answers between topics to help students to learn more about that topic. For the announcement, the admin can envoy their message from the admin panel to both instructor and learner. It is helpful while announcing a discount offer, festive sales, etc. 

If you want to start an online education business, then you can use our EduStar product. To know about our EduStar product, you can contact us via the following details.

WhatsApp: +91 9222 47 9222

Email ID: [email protected]

Skype ID: Abservetech