The online job portal business is a marketplace where job seekers and employers. The online job portal business is booming all around the world. The number of startup industries looking to start their business with a job portal software is also increasing. A job portal software is easy to use, and the product admin can make money with it easily.

How to start an online job portal business?

Looking to start your job portal script, then you are in the right place. You have two options to do it either by using a ready-made job portal software or by hiring a website and mobile app company to do it. If you ask me, I would recommend you use a ready-made job portal script. There are lots of product-based companies available in the business. Some of the companies offer a ready-made job portal script. Just find a company, buy it, and start your business with it.

Standard features of an online job portal script:

A ready-made online job portal software must-have features like the following available in it. Here are some of the features of the job portal script.

Filter Jobs option:

It is one of the standard features of an online job portal software. A job seeker can search for a job based on location, designation, salary, and company. It shows the relevant jobs to the job seeker instantly.

Browse resumes:

This option is available for employers. An employer can browse for a resume using this option. Employers can filter the resumes based on experience, location, expected salary package, designation, etc.

Job Alerts:

A job seeker and employer can add their email id, the phone number to receive job alerts. An employer receives an alert if the job seeker profile matches with the employer search profile. From the admin point of view, this option can be used to increase traffic to the site.

Job Question:

This option lets the users ask a question to the employer about the salary details, designation, job location, etc. It is helpful for a job seeker looking for a fixed job.

General Settings:

It is only available to the admin of the product. This option has a page, menu, email, blog, language, user, etc. By using this option, the admin can manage job portal software easily.

We have also developed a ready-made job portal script, a startup, entrepreneurs, can use our online job portal software to start a business.

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