Online food delivery system/software is a place where the users or customers can order their food from a restaurant. Some of the major online food delivery business companies are Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato, Foodpanda, Grubhub, etc. This company allows a user to order food by using their app (or) website.

We have developed an online food delivery system for entrepreneurs, startup businesses to start their own business with it. Our online food delivery system is a ready-made script that allows a customer to start business instantly. Our online food ordering script has all the important features of food delivery apps available in it.

Let’s take a look at our food ordering system.

We have two ready-made food ordering software called RebuEats and FoodStar. Each of the products is unique and have coded in different frameworks. We are using the laravel framework to develop FoodStar and MEAN, the MERN stack framework for RebuEats. These products can be customized easily according to the client’s idea. 

Okay! Let’s have a look at the features of the food ordering system.

Real-time order status:

The best and unique option that every online food ordering software must-have. This option lets the customer have a look at the delivery location. The location of the delivery boy is updated once every 10 secs. And also this option shows the best route to reach the customer place.

Wallet payment:

A customer can pay the money by using three options, COD [Cash On Delivery, Credit, Debit Card, and Wallet payment]. The wallet payment option allows a customer to load money to the app. Customers can use this money while paying for food. 

Invite friends:

An important option in online food ordering systems. Admin can develop their business using this option. A customer can share their invite code with others and can make money with it easily.

Promotional codes:

Admin can provide promo codes for customers. Promotional codes generally encourage a customer to buy food in an online food ordering system. And also this option will drive in lots of traffic to the website and also the mobile app.

Monetization options:

Starting online food ordering systems is easy but making money with it is not easy to do it. In our app, we have given a monetization option to our product. An entrepreneur can make money with our app by using three ways, Commission amount from restaurants, Google Adsense, Restaurant advertisement services.

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