Online job portal software is what most students are looking for to get a job. The websites like Indeed, Naukri, and Monster are receiving website traffic and money from it. By looking at this job portal business demand, many entrepreneurs and startup companies are looking to buy an online job portal software / script. 

If you are looking to buy job portal software, you can use JobStar from Abservetech Private Limited. JobStar is one of the best online job portal software in 2024. The best thing about JobStar is that it lets the customers start a business like Indeed, Naukri, and Monster, etc. I have listed the stakeholders and the features available in the Job portal script. They are,

Stakeholders available in an online job portal software:

  • Admin panel
  • Job seeker panel
  • Job provider panel

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Admin panel:

An admin panel consists of all the options available in online job portal software. By using the admin panel, the admin can totally control the front-end website. It has options like page management, currency management, payment management, multiple currencies, and languages.

Jobseeker panel:

Jobseekers are nothing but the customer to the online job portal software. This panel lists all the job vacancies to the job provider. The customer can browse all the jobs from the listing and apply for the relevant job listings.

Job provider panel:

Job-providing companies can use these panels to upload the available jobs in their company. When a job seeker applies for a job they receive notifications in their panels.

Features required to host an online job portal software:

  • Login / Registration
  • Filter jobs
  • Search & browse jobs
  • Package management
  • Browse resumes
  • Job Questions and alerts
  • General settings
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Bulk email send

Login / Registration:

A job seeker or job provider can login with a corresponding email id. They can also use their social media profiles to register and login.

Filter jobs:

A job seeker can filter the job listings based on the job title, technology, city, country, etc. It allows the job seeker to view all the jobs without any delay.

Search & browse jobs:

It is one of the best options available in an online job portal software. It allows the job seeker to search from the available job listings. And browse through all the job listings instantly.

Package management

This option is available for the Job providers. To upload a job required that corresponding providers should buy a package from the website. Based on the package limit, the job providers can upload the job listings. 

Browse resumes

This option allows the job providers to browse all the resumes based on the technology, location, experience, etc. Browse resumes are one of the important features available in the JobStar product.

Job Questions and alerts

A job provider can add custom questions to the job seekers. This feature helps them to know about the job seeker. If job seekers apply for a job, they will receive alerts to their panels.

General settings

General settings have the options like page management, email management, menu management, blog management, language management, user management, etc. 

Multiple languages and currencies

It lets the admin update languages and currencies from the admin panel to the customer / job seeker panel.

Bulk email send

It lets the admin bulk email to all the job seekers and job providers at once. This option comes in handy in case of any promotional offers.

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