We have come to rely on the internet for almost everything- be it booking train tickets online, ordering food or things, or even booking cleaning and salon services online. When this is the case, it is no wonder that people depend on job portal software to get hired. Gone are the days when people counted on other sources to get hired. We live in a time where the internet and technology drive the world.

Job portals have made it incredibly easy for candidates looking to land jobs. The same can be said for employers, too, as they can find potential employees. In other words, job portals connect job seekers and recruiters. It serves as a place to promote jobs and enables recruiters to hire skilled candidates. Recruiters can achieve this without having to go through an extensive hiring process. Also, what makes it even more interesting is all this is possible at moderately low costs.

Job search engines make it easy for job seekers by allowing them to interact with several job vacancies. Further, using filters, they can narrow down their search results. It is especially beneficial when they wish to look for specific careers.

JobStar – A Feature-Rich Job Portal Software

Job portal software acts as an online marketplace that facilitates the hiring process. The need for job portal software is on the rise. It has led to an increasing number of entrepreneurs who want to create job search sites. They can look forward to monetizing them by selling job ads to companies that want to hire for open roles. 

There may be many job portal software for entrepreneurs seeking to create a job portal website. However, what is important is that choosing the job portal software wisely to get started plays a vital role in determining success. Our job portal software, JobStar, is highly engaging. With all the necessary features, it is easy to use, which will help recruiters and job seekers alike. Let us look into some of the features of our job portal software, JobStar, which is easily one of the best. 

Features of JobStar

Our software comes with three panels. The employer panel, job seeker pane, and admin panel are each designed to help the respective group perform various operations. 

Recruiter Panel

Account Creation

Recruiters need to go through a registration process on the job portal. They can then begin to use our app to list all vacancies. They can use email or a mobile number for registration.

Job Postings and Updation

After registering, recruiters can upload jobs on the website and app. Along with it, they can also give some additional details regarding the open positions. 

Filter and Download Resumes

This option enables recruiters to view and download the resumes of the candidates. They can download the CVs of candidates that they feel would fit the position. 

Sponsor Jobs

While employers can post jobs with no fee, they can also pay to promote jobs on the site. It helps them hire faster.

Job Seeker Panel

Login and Sign Up

Job seekers need to register with the app before they can use the services of the app. They can use their email address or social media credentials. 

Profile Management

Users can add details regarding their area of expertise. Further, by adding preferences, they can receive updates about relevant jobs. 

Search and Filter Jobs

While making searches on the app, users can use the filter option for faster results. It allows users to search based on experience, location, salary expectations, position, etc. 

Push Notifications

Job seekers actively looking for jobs will not want to miss out on the notifications for job vacancies. This feature in our job portal software sends users instant alerts about job postings.

Save / Bookmark Jobs

This option enables users of our job portal software to save jobs that interest them. They can get back to it later and apply when they feel ready. 

Admin Panel

Management of Profiles

The admin can effectively manage users and verify information posted on the site. Our job portal software lets them view all details like name, job details, active status, etc. 

Manage Job Ads

It is one of the essential features of a job portal site. It helps the admin manage all the job advertisements and see if there is a fake job listing.

Content Management System

It is an essential feature of the admin panel. It enables the admin to manage the content on the job portal software. 

Benefits of Job Portal Software

Simplifies Hiring Process

The recruiter must be able to fill the position with the best-fitting candidate. By using a job portal to hire people, they can achieve this. It also simplifies the hiring process. It directly bridges the gap between employers and job seekers. Therefore, it brings the two groups closer and paves the way for a hassle-free recruitment process. 

More Opportunities

When job seekers register on a job portal, they will receive alerts and regular updates regarding the positions that interest them. Also, they will be able to view various jobs in different domains. They can engage with multiple options and hence assist in them landing a suitable job. 


The job portal site maintains details of job seekers like, skills, and achievements with utmost privacy. The job seeker can choose to share them with potential employers. Otherwise, the information is safe, and not everybody can access it.

Bottom Line

The number of people relying on job portals to hire and find jobs has increased substantially. Job portal software bridges the gap between job seekers and recruiters and provides ways to streamline the hiring process. Our job portal software is robust and highly engaging, with essential features. Get in touch with us to learn more about our product. We customize the job portal software according to your requirements and help you gain a competitive advantage. 


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