Online taxi booking business is the best way to enrich your business opportunity worldwide. In today’s world, many people are looking to travel by booking a taxi. The business opportunity of an entrepreneur, startup company has become massive worldwide. Here are some of the best ways to enrich your taxi business with our best online taxi booking software.

If you are looking to start an online taxi booking software, then taxi booking software is required. One of the best taxi booking scripts in the market is RebuStar. It has an app for both the rider and the driver. An advanced panel for Admin and dispatcher. Our RebuStar comes with many more advanced features. Some of the features on our RebuStar are available below.

1) Driver package payment

2) Wallet payment

3) SMS gateway

4) Emergency contact sharing

5) Earnings reports

6) City boundary limit

7) Multi-language and multi-currencies

Driver package payment:

Driver package payment lets the driver credit the amount to their wallet by purchasing a package. This amount is available for the driver to pay the commission amount for the RebuStar admin.

Wallet payment:

A rider can add money to their wallet. It is helpful in case of emergency cases. A rider can use this amount to pay for the taxi driver. Our RebuStar is available with the PayPal and Stripe payment gateway.

SMS gateway:

Our RebuStar is available with an SMS gateway for OTP. Our RebuStar is available with the Twilio SMS gateway option for both the drivers and the riders.

Emergency contact sharing:

For riders’ safety, We have SOS (or) emergency contact sharing option. It lets the riders share their SOS emergency message to the emergency contacts list. 

Earning reports

Our RebuStar app has an earnings report. Both the driver and rider can see their earnings and can sort by date, month, and year.

City boundary limit

An admin can set the boundary limit for a city. It is helpful for the riders to select between the outstation, rental, etc.

Multi-language and Multi-currencies

Our RebuStar app comes with both multiple language and multi-currencies. A client can customize our RebuStar product based on their expectations.

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