The rise of the smartphone has brought lots of business into mobile platforms. Among those apps, UberEats is one of the world’s best online food ordering software. UberEats app clone lets a customer order food by using either a mobile app or a website. On customer ordering, UberEats provides doorstep delivery.

According to Wikipedia, UberEats earned more than $1.46 billion in 2018. The simple business structure and revenue have inspired many startups and entrepreneurs to start a business like it. To start a business like UberEats App startups have two options either they can go for ready-made UberEats App Clone or hire a website development company to do it.

RebuEats is one of the top clone scripts of UberEats. It has lots of important features of UberEats in it. Our RebuEats has mainly four stakeholders Admin, Restaurant, Customer, and the delivery boy. To ease the working of stakeholders, we provide separate apps and panels for them. It is easy for an entrepreneur to use RebuEats to start a new business. 

Top 10 Features of UberEats App Clone:

Some of the most important and unique features of our UberEats clone script are listed below.

  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Real-Time Order Status
  • Accept / Reject Order
  • Online / Offline Feature
  • Promo codes
  • Reviews / Ratings
  • Order Scheduling
  • Payment Options
  • Chat Option
  • Monetization Option

Dashboard Analytics:

It is one of the important features of our ready-made food ordering script. This option is available to the admin and restaurant owners of RebuEats. It clearly explains all the important stats about the app. Dashboard analytics helps stakeholders to improve the online food ordering app.

UberEats App Clone - Dashboard Analytics
Dashboard Analytics

Real-Time Order Status:

It displays an instant notification to all the stakeholders in case of any update in the order flow. All the stakeholders receive an instant message via push notification. It helps us to understand the current status of the food order.

Accept / Reject Order:

A registered restaurant can accept or reject any customer orders. This option is helpful in case of any shortage of food. A restaurant can accept or reject orders based on food availability.

Online / Offline Features:

This option is only available for the delivery boy. A delivery boy can update their status according to their availability. It is helpful in case of any emergency.

Promo Codes:

Admin can provide promotional codes to the customers in a festive season by using this feature. Admin can also provide a “welcome offer” to the new customers in the RebuEats product.

UberEats App Clone - Promo Codes
Promotional Codes

Reviews / Ratings:

A customer has the option to provide reviews and ratings to the corresponding delivery boy and the restaurant. These reviews and ratings have an impact on restaurant listings.

UberEats App Clone - Review and Ratings
Review and Ratings

Order Scheduling:

Customer can schedule their order based on the time and place they want. This option lets a customer to pre-order food from a restaurant.

Payment Option:

Our RebuEats has an inbuilt payment option in it. By default, our RebuEats has PayPal and Stripe payment gateways in it. 

Chat Option:

A customer can chat with the corresponding restaurant in case of any order improvements.

Monetization Option:

A ready-made food ordering script must-have monetization option enabled in it. Some of the common app monetization options are by using Google Admob, Commission amount, Advertisement services, Restaurant advertisement services, etc.

If you are looking to start a new business like UberEats, You can use our ready-made uber clone script to do it.

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