Google has been well-known for Android and the Chrome OS, but the company is actually working on a third operating system. It is called as “Fuchsia”. Google’s OS Fuchsia rumoured to be the replacement for Android or may be an experiment by Google or maybe a New OS at Google I/O this year. We don’t know exactly what it’s for…..

“Fuchsia” looks completely different from other mobile operating systems. The truth is that there are currently a ton of mystery surrounding the operating system.


What exactly is Fuchsia?

Fuchsia is different from Android and Chrome OS, it’s based on a new Google- Development Kernel Called as “Magenta”. Google Says, it is aimed at “Modern Phones and Modern Personal Computer”. It is written in Flutter SDK, Which runs on Android. This Version of Fuchsia appears to be called as Armadillo

What is Fuchsia for?

We don’t know what fuchsia is built for just yet. It could be the replacement for Android. Currently, Google is stuck to commitments it made with Android many years ago, and also company also facing lots of challenges with android.

Example: It is struggling to get updates rolled out across the entire ecosystem of devices.


Fuchsia could be the Google’s answer to modern smartphone operating system, and one that’s immediately updatable. And it is also able to ditch Java and the issues it’s had surrounding the legal use of Java. There is a possibility of Fuchsia is taking over Andromeda’s spot as an operating system for both phones and computers.

Google Currently testing it on the Pixelbook and Laptops too.

Try out Fuchsia for Yourself:

You can try Fuchsia in Slash Gear, In Partnership with Hot fix Computer Repair, and a downloadable Android Package Kit [APK] that you can install on your phone to check out the OS.