All the rumours and leaked image of Gmail changes has become real. In the early morning of April 25, Google has released the official design rollout of Gmail and G Suite rollouts.

In describing the changes as major improvements, Gmail Product Manager Matthew Izatt said that “Email is a necessity for most of us. We use it to stay in touch with colleagues and friends, keep up with the latest news, manage to-dos at home or at work – we just can’t live without it.”

New Gmail Features

Few Clicks to get your job done:

The New Gmail redesign focuses on improving user productivity directly from the user’s inbox, According to Izatt. “With the new Gmail, you can open attachments without needing to move around different screens, with a new snooze button you can put fewer essentials emails on hold, and you can jump to other apps just like Google Calendar and Tasks”

Gmail will now help the users to avoid letting emails saved for the later from falling through the cracks. This program nudges the user to get on with on-screen reminders that show up next to your email messages.


Smart Reply:

New Gmail design has a “Smart Reply” feature to help the users to respond more effectively and quickly. It uses the machine learning to
suggest responses to save user’s time.

The most two new important feature in Gmail is efficiency improvements through smart filtering and notifications for more high- priority messages which helps us focus on the most important tasks and work.

If you get the frequent newsletter from unwanted sources, Gmail now suggests you unsubscribe.

Gmail will try to keep you and your computer safe with the warning when the Gmail program senses a potential risk with the email.

The most important feature in Gmail is that, When you compose a sensitive email you can remove options such as forward, copy, or print
your messages and also you can set two-factor authentication- the receiver need to log into their own email and click to receive an unlock code via SMS text to read the message.

You can set automatic expiration after a set time.