Yesterday, Google released the stable version of Android 13. Google Pixel phone users with models greater than Pixel 4 can upgrade their Android version to Android 13. You would receive a pop-up notification to upgrade to the Android version. 

To Install Android 13 on Google Pixel Devices:

If you didn’t receive the pop-up notification, You have the option to upgrade it manually. Go to Settings->System->System update

Android 13 compatible Google Pixel devices:

  1. Pixel 4/XL
  2. Pixel 4a
  3. Pixel 4a 5G
  4. Pixel 5
  5. Pixel 5a
  6. Pixel 6/Pro
  7. Pixel 6a

What about other devices from various companies?

Google says the other models from Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi, Nokia, and the other phones will receive the Android 13 update at the end of this year. You may receive the official announcement from the above companies within one week.

In rolling out Android 13, Google has also rolled out Android 13 to the ASO channel. This means the code is available for the phone manufacturers to customize the Android 13 according to their preferences.

Refinements in Android 13:

The Android 13 version is not a big update from the Android 12 OS. It focuses on meaningful updates. One of them is that a user can change the language per app. 

While noticing on the security side, The user can now select the media to access an application. Rather than permitting all the media files. 

Another major update is that the user can set specific permission for notification according to the application. And for the larger screens, Android 13 OS allows multi-window mode for all the apps available on the device.

And for the audio side, The Android 13 has Bluetooth LE Audio that provides high-quality audio with lesser energy consumption. The new Bluetooth LE audio now enables spatial audio with a head tracking option. 

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