Twitter, a well-known social media platform, is a micro-blogging website that helps users to share their views and message with their friends is currently down. Based on the report from the down detector website, Twitter down news is first out at 2:09 AM ET.

We can see the users sharing this news on various other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The Twitter users from the Android & iOS ecosystems experience only the Twitter loader in their news feed section.

When a user tries to refresh the tweets, The Twitter app shows only a spin circle loader.

According to the down detector, 35,000 customers have experienced the outage. Of that 35K users, 46% users are experiencing trouble with the Twitter website, 45% users have problems with the Twitter mobile application, and 9% users have connection loss errors.

The source of this Twitter global outage is still not known! We hope it will be back soon!

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