Have you heard of it yet? Our Uber clone app, RebuStar V3.0, has gotten even better with more improvements and feature developments. In our commitment to delivering the finest products and solutions, we have made some developments, and the result is all that you may want from an Uber clone app. Or, to put it simply, the one-stop solution for your taxi business. 

Our latest version, RebuStar V3.0, is bigger, better, faster, friendlier and more intuitive. 

Are you curious to know what changes we have made in our Uber clone and how it has evolved for the better? This blog will help you understand more about our Uber clone app. 

Here, we will walk you through the advanced features of RebuStar V3.0. 

Our Recent App Advancements

Improved UI/ UX Designs

Our designers have put so much effort into making the app more desirable for users. RebuStar V3.0, with improved designs, makes navigating and performing tasks easy. The newer version is even more accessible, simple, flexible, tolerant, useful, and whatnot! 

Pain Points Addressed

An app that addresses the concerns of users differentiates a good app from a bad-performing app. After analyzing how we can improve our product and address the pain points, we have developed RebuStar V3.0. 

New Payment Gateways Updated

We aim to provide a better user experience for users of RebuStar V3.0. With even more payment gateways integrated into the app, users can choose what they feel comfortable using. Users can make transactions securely. 

Improved Zone Restriction Option

The improved zone restriction option comes into play when you wish to roll out your taxi services only in a particular city or state. With the help of this feature, you can accept requests from riders from only the location you want. The zone restriction feature automatically restricts riders from other states or cities from booking rides. 

Updated Trip Packages

This feature lets the admin create trip packages for riders. Riders can buy packages according to their requirements and travel within that limit. Once they exhaust their package limit, they can buy another for their next trip. This way, riders can ensure their fares fall within a budget, and they can plan their finances accordingly. 

Improved In-App Call/ Chat

It is an essential feature of an Uber clone app. The driver and rider should be able to contact each other without inconvenience. The improvements in the app will enable both parties to reach each other through in-app calls and chats of the highest quality. 

Updated Ride-Sharing Feature

How thrilled will your customers be when they learn they can lower their fares significantly with the rideshare feature? The ridesharing feature just got even better, allowing riders to pair up with other riders the easiest way. Similarly, drivers can keep track of the route with the app and drop off the riders in the order of their destination as the app suggests. 

Summing Up,

With RebuStar becoming more efficient than before and with improved functionality, you can provide your users with top-tier experiences. By offering what your users want and improving their satisfaction, you can attract a vast audience and boost your business. Contact us to learn more about the latest version of our Uber clone app and get the best experience using our product.

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