When a taxi booking app has many features and allows users to perform tasks seamlessly, it improves their experience to a high degree. If we had to name a few that enhance user experience, riders can choose the rides of their preference, and drivers can accept or reject rides based on availability. Many such features work favorably for riders and drivers. After a ride, customers can pay for their rides via any of the many options. But have you wondered how the fares are calculated? In this blog, we discuss how the live taxi meter feature automates the calculations for you. 

How are fares calculated?

Many factors like time and distance go into deciding the charges for trips. When a rider books a ride, an Uber clone app calculates the fare upfront, or sometimes it estimates after the trip. With upfront pricing, riders know the fare when requesting a ride. It is calculated based on the base price, time, distance, and demand at a particular time. However, traveling to a different location or making stops during the ride may cause changes to the estimated fare. 

Some Uber-like apps may not provide upfront pricing in all cities. In such cases, the taxi booking app calculates fares, taking into account the distance covered, time taken, and dynamic pricing. 

It is important to note that the ride type and location are also deciding factors. 

Live Taxi Meters Automating the Fare Calculation

With taxi meters in a taxi booking app, one need not calculate the fares manually. When the app does it for you, riders can enjoy their rides, and drivers can focus on providing a good experience for riders. It often provides an accurate amount and helps riders protect themselves from scams. 

How do Live Taxi Meters Work?

Taxi meters measure the distance and time covered and then calculate the fare accordingly. The software algorithm collects the GPS data and calculates the fare with the available information. The driver can check for fare calculated by the taxi meter after reaching the destination. 

With the live taxi meter, drivers can also see their payments during the trip. As for riders, they can see their ride charges in real-time rather than assume. Live taxi meters offer that level of transparency. 

How Live Taxi Meters Can Be Beneficial?

Taxi meters provide many advantages. Some of them are:

1. Convenience: Taxi meters offer convenience to drivers as they do not have to calculate fares manually. The taxi meter does it for them based on the time and distance covered. 

2. Transparency: Riders can ensure the pricing is correct as the taxi meter calculates fares based on the standardized price. There is transparency for both riders and drivers. 

3. Improved Experience: A ridesharing app with a taxi meter feature improves the experience for drivers and riders and eliminates any confusion about the fares. 

In Conclusion

More and more Uber clone apps are using the live taxi feature as it offers convenience and improves the user experience of both parties, that is, riders and drivers. You can also integrate this feature into your taxi booking app and provide great experiences for your app users.

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