E-learning apps are a great way to learn. It has gained immense popularity in recent years, and people choose it over conventional forms of learning. These apps provide a broad choice for users, and they find it convenient to compare and pick courses that best align with their interests.

E-learning software was the go-to learning place when people had to look for other ways to get on with their learning during lockdowns. Since then, an increasing number of users have been utilizing E-learning apps. It has brought to the fore a need for more such apps.

Udemy: A go-to Learning Marketplace

Udemy, a leading online learning platform, provides a complete learning experience. With over 200,000 online video courses, Udemy is an ideal platform. From programming languages to personal development, one can rely on this app to master almost any subject.

What is Udemy Clone Script?

The relevancy of Udemy has grown in recent years, leading to an upsurge in Udemy-like apps. Data show that the number of users choosing online learning platforms doubled in 2020. It has contributed to an increase in the need for Udemy clone scripts. A Udemy clone app, much like Udemy, contains many courses.

Here we discuss in detail the top ten features of the Udemy clone script.

Top 10 Features of Udemy Clone Script

  • Course Management Dashboard
  • Instructor Q&A Dashboard
  • User Activity Dashboard
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Quiz Sections
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Download
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • Promo Codes
  • Multiple Payment Methods

1) Course Management Dashboard

The course management dashboard guides and aids instructors in publishing courses. Once published, the dashboard helps to manage them. The Udemy clone app contains the necessary information, which makes it easy for instructors. The course gets reviewed upon submission.

2) Instructor Q&A Dashboard

The questions and answers dashboard lets instructors reply to the queries of students. Course instructors can also manage this dashboard by setting the availability status. Further, with the help of filters in the Udemy clone, one can easily view unanswered or unread questions.

3) User Activity Dashboard

Admins can get to view how actively users make use of the Udemy-like app. The user activity metrics let the admin get insights, like total activity, most active users, and user activity for a specific section.

4) Advanced Search Filters

Learners of the Udemy clone app can search for courses using filters. Users can search based on categories, keywords, ratings, etc. This way, results show up instantly.

5) Quiz Sections

The Udemy clone software has quiz sections, making learning fun and easy. In addition, it helps learners keep track of their performance and pushes them to excel. They can evaluate themselves and see where they stand and work towards progress.

6) Ratings and Reviews

Upon completing a course on the Udemy-like app, learners can leave reviews. It helps fellow learners get an idea about the quality of the content. Further, instructors can use it to their benefit and rectify their shortcomings, if any, in the future.

7) Download

Users can download the course material once after purchasing. It enables them to access videos with ease. This flexible nature plays a crucial role in promoting the user experience of Udemy-like app users.

8) Course Completion Certificates

Students receive a certificate of completion upon finishing a course on the Udemy clone app. It helps demonstrate skills and achievements. However, free courses do not offer these certificates.

9) Promo Video

Preview videos help learners understand what to expect from the course. Most importantly, it equips them with information on how instructors take lessons. Instructors can get attention from learners by making perfect previews. They can list the major topics in a particular video course.

10) Multiple Payment Methods

The Udemy clone script supports multiple payment methods. So, users, when purchasing a course, can use any of the available options to make payments. It greatly enhances user experience.


Recent years have been about technological advancements impacting almost every sector. There appears to be a shift in preferences, and people have come to understand the potentiality of e-learning apps. Both of these contribute to the growth of e-learning platforms. With assistance from a commendable team of developers, entrepreneurs looking to set out can thrive in the e-learning market.

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