Much to our delight, an on-demand multi-service platform can cater to many of our needs. Be it a taxi service or grocery delivery, an app like Gojek helps in more ways than one. Could it get any easier than for the users to have their needs met in a single platform? The on-demand service apps are growing in number for the convenience they add to our lives.

Super Apps are what we may like to term our one-stop solution. A Super app provides a comprehensive range of services, from grocery shopping to booking a ride, cleaning to payment services, and many more. In other words, we do not have to download separate apps to get done with things. A Super App integrates the functions of many apps. Here we discuss how to build an app like Gojek.

The History of Gojek

Gojek started in 2010 as a call center, functioning as a platform to connect drivers and riders. It was in 2015 that Gojek went online. Gojek included other services such as – food and package delivery.

With over twenty services on its app, Gojek is rightly called a Super App. It grew to become Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand platform. Gojek expanded its operations and entered Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, amongst a few others. Gojek was one of the top 50 companies on Fortune’s Change the World list. Gojek achieved this feat twice, the only Southeast Asian company to do so.

The Jakarta-based multiple-service business merged with Tokopedia, an e-commerce company, in 2021. The combined business GoTo is now the leading technological group in Indonesia.

Gojek Clone App Development

The growth of Gojek has been phenomenal in the true sense. No wonder it has led to a collective interest in building an app like Gojek. Gojek clone apps are deemed viable solutions for entrepreneurial dreams of starting an on-demand multiple services business. Having said this, however, success depends on choosing the right Gojek clone app. Think no further, for our Gojek clone script will take you a step forward toward meeting your goals.

How to Build an App Like Gojek

When building an app like Gojek, it is imperative to use the best resources. Further, focusing on all technical and industry facets helps a Gojek-like business attain maximum benefits.


As we know, conducting extensive research before entering a business is the foremost step. Primarily, it gives insights into matters concerning the interests and requirements of customers. In any case, meeting the needs of the potential customer base will help an app like Gojek yield optimum outcomes.

It is equally important to remember that studying competitors can be significant. In what may be considered a strategic approach, a Gojek-like business can look to improve in areas where the rivals fail. For one thing, it helps to attract customers.

Platform Selection

Choosing the right platform to build your Gojek clone app that you consider will suit your business goals is vital.

Native App: Native apps operate in one operating system – iOS or Android. Native apps are known to exhibit good performance.

Web App: Web apps are those that run on internet browsers. Web apps are easy to maintain, and the development cost is low.

Hybrid App: Hybrid apps use the combined elements of both native and web apps. Their cross-platform attributes give them a higher reach in the market.

Feature Set

A rich set of features for your Gojek clone app is all it takes for your business to gain momentum. Let us look into some vital attributes to include in an app like Gojek.

Multi-language Support

When an app supports multiple languages, it smoothly reaches a vast audience. This way, you can make your Gojek-like business successful.

Secure Payment Gateways

It is of utmost importance for a business to gain customer trust. Providing users with the necessary security enhances the experience of your Gojek clone users.


This feature is beneficial to both parties. In-app navigation helps Gojek clone app users track the status of their orders. In the same way, it aids the service provider in tracking the live location of customers.

Multiple Payment Options

It will enable the users of your Gojek-like app to select the payment method of their convenience.

Feedback Submission

It is an essential feature, as it serves as a way for a business to understand its customers’ needs better.

Schedule Booking

This feature enables the Gojek clone app users to book rides beforehand. It is particularly beneficial when they commute regularly.

Push Notifications

Users will want to know the status of their order or service now and then. This feature meets just that.

App Development

After market analysis, fixing business goals, deciding on the app features, and understanding the basic workflow lies the next big step – app development. App wireframes represent the layout of an app. Further, it illustrates how it works. It helps in understanding the concepts of the app better.

Designing an app is no walk in the park. A lot goes into successfully building it than what meets the eye. However, with a commendable developing team on your side, it does become simple and easy. With our unparalleled services, we look to work rigidly to help you attain your goals in the on-demand multiple services business.

After testing and fixing bugs, the Gojek clone app is ready to go live.

Revenue Streams of a Gojek Clone App

Business Commission

The Gojek clone app charges a sum from businesses that use the platform. Getting listed on the Gojek clone app increases the visibility of the firm.

Customer Fee

For every order made or service availed through the Gojek clone app, the user has to pay a certain fee. The app makes charges for the services it provides.

Delivery Commission

Delivery partners or service providers pay a certain amount to the business. It is another one of the ways for the Gojek clone app to make income.


The on-demand multiple services business is a one-stop solution to have our needs answered. The global super app market value was $ 61.30 billion in 2022. The size is estimated to reach a whopping $ 426.01 billion by 2030. As the statistics project, the on-demand multiple services market will continue to grow in the upcoming years. So, as one can ascertain, it is a good time to invest in on-demand service scripts.

Our Gojek clone script will help you gain a secure online presence. We provide customized solutions per your needs that will aid in meeting your business goals. Further, with our expertise, we look to offer unparalleled services.

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