1. KFC South Africa
  2. Mr. D Food-delivery & takeaway
  3. SoFresh
  4. Uber Eats: Food Delivery
  5. Jumia Food
  6. UCook
  7. Glovo
  8. McDonald’s
  9. Spur Family
  10. Nandos South Africa: Delivery & Collection

Nowadays, people mainly use smartphones, and the food is easy to order through the app, and they are impressed with the offers and discounts. It saves us a lot of time for the customers.

KFC South Africa

KFC South Africa is the largest food chain in South Africa over 700 stores. Doug Smart, CEO of KFC South Africa, says service is vital.

It is a chief feature of KFC’s position in the rapidly growing consumer goods sector.

KFC Food Delivery App provides many attractive offers. KFC South Africa has a revenue per store outlet is R9.9 million.

Mr. D Food-delivery & takeaway

Mr. D Food-delivery service, South African people have downloaded this app over 2 million.

Mr. D Food has become South Africa’s online food delivery business and has grown and expanded over the years.

UberEats: Food Delivery

In 2014 started Online Food Ordering – UberEats. UberEats served areas in over 45 countries and 6000 cities. Online food ordering service now delivers significant items in the time of South Africa’s corona lockdown. 

Uber Eats can deliver food properly to their home, so it is still a delicious meal without the strain of arranging a bulk of the food.

Jumia Food

In 2012 Jumia Food started in Nigeria. Jumia Food delivers groceries, drinks, and meals. Jumia’s online grocery store is growing 7% month over month. Jumia Food sources fresh produce in 11 African countries and is one of the leading ordering and delivery services utilized.


SoFresh offers the best foods that are delicious, fresh, nutritious, and wholesome. SoFresh is a Nigerian initiative that provides delicious, nutritious new meals committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle. FRESH IS BEST is how we win every day by offering a wide variety of juices, fresh salads, parfaits, smoothies, sandwiches, and healthy meals.


A fascinating story to know about Ucook!! as long as David Torr and Chris Verster-Cohen twain start the UCook food business. Fame spread in South Africa because of UCook meal delivery company. It was a successful turning point for Ucook.


Orderin food delivery app is the first popular in South Africa. Orderin, top 10 ranked in iOS store in June 2016 and have completed 1 million deliveries in 34 mins, gross revenue +R100m. Popular food ordering delivery using AI-Powered driver management platform.


Glovo is a Spanish technology business company and the fastest moving business in South Africa. Makeover innovation for business, clients, and logistics. Glovo, The food ordering business industry, lets customers discover and location orders with their delicious restaurant that is trim while being prepared and replenished at the client’s doorstep.


Areachops is an ideal online platform for takeaway and meal delivery. They are partnering with places throughout Nigeria. The goal of Areachops is to ensure that you get all the delicious food for your nearby region out of your display screen on your front door in minutes.


Homechow, Served areas by more than 5000 restaurants. Homechow prepared food service at an affordable cost and transformed and built section one food package and logistical transport at a time. The client can order their delicious foams well and enjoy them with their cherished ones.

Initiate your online food delivery app

If you are like to tackle a food ordering business startup, it will be the right startup business idea.

The requirement for food is always high around.

If you want to start a food delivery app, begin a profitable business with FoodStar & RebuEats products.

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