An Uber clone app with various useful features that help users perform their activities on the app seamlessly will more certainly keep them engaged. Like the rider app, the driver app should enable drivers to carry out their tasks efficiently and provide a great user experience. Ensuring your app has the necessary features will serve you well in the long run. Some driver app features include rating, real-time navigation, trip history, earning reports, etc. Driver payment package is another crucial feature that lets drivers pay commission fees to the admin and do more than that.

This blog covers more about the payment package feature, so keep reading to learn more about it.

Driver Payment Package Easing the Transactions

When a rider books a ride, they are charged a certain sum as commission charges. Once the ride is over and it is time for them to pay, they can pay using the payment option that suits them the best. It includes service fees and commission charges, among others. 

Drivers partnering with the taxi booking business can use the driver payment package feature to transfer the commission fee to the admin after a trip. One of the biggest advantages this feature provides is that it eliminates any hassles that may otherwise likely occur during money transfers.

How Does the Driver Payment Package Work?

Using this feature, drivers can preload funds to their wallets. 

The feature works in the Uber clone app like this:

  • After opening the app, drivers can navigate the driver payment package section. It consists of the package list, which the driver can edit by adding or removing. 
  • Drivers can purchase packages of varying amounts. 
  • Once a ride is over and the rider pays the fare, the driver can send commission charges to the admin from their wallet.

How Can the Driver Payment Package be Beneficial for Your Uber Clone App?

The driver payment package can be advantageous in many aspects. We have listed them here:

1. Convenience:

Instead of the driver having to adopt offline methods for transferring the commission charges to the admin, they can conveniently send them from wherever they are. The driver payment package offers them the ease of getting things done without spending their time and energy. 

2. Speed:

Drivers can instantly send the amount to the admin after a ride. It enables them to perform fast and secure transactions. 

3. User-friendly:

It simplifies the transactions between drivers and the admin. In a few taps, drivers can successfully send the commission charges to the admin, enhancing their user experience. 

4. Secure:

The strong encryption algorithm integrated into the app enables users to carry out transactions securely.

In Summary,

The driver payment package of taxi booking apps helps provide a hassle-free experience to the drivers by enabling them to transfer money with a few taps in the app. 

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