As we can agree, Uber made booking taxis simple and easy, making it one of the most preferred brands to book rides with. Uber has attracted customers over the years by offering them the best experience and continues to do so. In fact, in 2022, Uber managed to make over seven billion trips. Uber is a feature-rich app that boosts user experience and is one of the main reasons for its success. It offers what customers want. With other critical features like the god’s view, it becomes easy for Uber to manage its operations efficiently. 

For your Uber clone app to be successful and help you produce good results, it is important to ensure the app has features that will help you monitor the activities expertly. The god’s eye view is one feature that will help you achieve that. 

This blog will help you understand the god’s eye feature as we cover more.

What is the God’s View Feature in the Uber Clone App?

The admin panel has critical features that help the admin handle the entire app efficiently. From managing riders and drivers to making several languages available to your users, there is so much you can do. The god’s view feature is another feature that gives you the advantage of total control. 

The god’s View feature in the Uber clone app gives the admin information on the location of the driver partners and the vehicles in real-time. The Uber clone app gives the exact location on a map, making it easy for the admin to view.

Knowing the Location of Vehicles in Real-time with the God’s View Feature

If at a time you want to see where a particular vehicle is, the god’s View feature helps you with that. It gives you all the necessary data like vehicle type, location, etc. Tracking becomes too easy. 

The god’s view feature in the Uber clone app works like this:

  • Open the app and navigate the god’s view section.
  • You can enter the vehicle type in the search box and tap Search.
  • The Uber clone app also lets you look up a driver’s location by entering their phone number or code.
  • The area then gets highlighted on the map, making it easy to track.

Benefits of Incorporating the God’s View Feature in Your Uber Clone App

1. Transparency

It offers increased transparency to the admin as they can track the vehicles in real time. The admin can also know where a driver is at a given time and oversee their movements. 

2. Effective Management

The god’s view feature gives the location details of vehicles in the city. The admin can use the information available to oversee the operations of your ride-hailing company. Tracking helps you ensure everything is in order. 

You can use the data to gain more insights that will be crucial to run your business successfully.

In Summary,

Running an online taxi business can be challenging. However, if your Uber clone app has features that give your users the best experience and help you with better and easier management, it significantly boosts your business growth. 

Our product, RebuStar, has a powerful admin panel that enables you to manage your taxi business smoothly. You can contact us to learn more about our Uber clone. With our dedicated team by your side, take your business to the next level and maximize your profits!

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