Discounts and offers are alluring. In the era when everyone wants something offered to them at a price lower than the initial offering, promo codes for taxi booking apps are a must-have. Letting riders save money on their rides can boost their engagement and help a business like Uber generate more income. 

This blog covers more about the promo code feature in taxi booking apps. Keep reading to learn how this feature works for riders and how taxi booking businesses can benefit from this feature. 

How Promo Codes Work in Uber Clone Apps?

Riders can apply codes for their rides in the following steps:

  • Open the app and go to Menu.
  • Tap Promos under the Menu section.
  • Users can find a box that tells them to enter the code. It is important to note that promo codes may be case-sensitive, so ensure to type the right one. 
  • All you have to do is to tap Done, after which you can use that credit for your ride. 

Understanding Why Promo Code is a Must-have Feature for Your Uber Clone App

Promo codes benefit the rider and the taxi business alike. When a business issues something at a lower price, it builds customer loyalty and attracts more users. It works the same way for a taxi business, too. It promotes the brand name and is critical to retaining existing customers. All of this contributes to increased revenue generation for the rideshare business. 

A taxi business can boost user experience by issuing promo codes through the Wallet feature in the app.  

What to Consider When Issuing Promo Codes?

As a cab service, you may want to issue promo codes and help customers access rides at lower rates. However, there are a few things to consider when creating promo codes for them to be effective. 

Deciding the Promo Code Type and Amount

It is up to you to give your riders multiple promo codes or limit them to one. Also, you can select the discount amount for your customers’ rides. 

Identifying Target Audience

The foremost concern when offering discounts would be reaching the right audience. To ensure this, you can do extensive market research to understand what kind of audience will benefit the most from this. Also, some analysis on the best days to offer promo codes so that they serve users well is critical. 

Benefits of Issuing Promo Codes

The following are some of the ways adding the promo codes feature to your Uber clone app may be beneficial. 

  • Promotes the brand name and helps in reaching a vast audience.
  • They can improve the engagement of your customers. 
  • Providing options to help your riders take rides at a lower price enhances their experience.
  • Customers are more prone to remain loyal to your brand, and retaining them becomes easy.
  • As it attracts more users, it helps boost the growth of your business. 

In Summary,

It is an essential feature for Uber clone apps and offers several benefits for the rider and the business. Detailed research helps get insights that you can use to your best advantage. 

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