Rideshare companies worldwide look to make rides convenient and affordable to their users. Addressing user’s issues is imperative to improve their satisfaction. That way, there are many features in the ridesharing apps that aim to provide the users with the necessary solutions and, as a result, enhance their experience. 

When booking a ride, riders may want to go for options that lower their ride fares. That is what ridesharing does

Here, we will discuss ridesharing, how it works for riders, why choose it, and more. 

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is nothing but shared rides with other passengers who travel in the same direction. When requesting a ride, the rider can select the shared ride option. The rideshare app will assign the driver closest to the rider’s location. On the way to the destination, if the driver gets ride requests with nearer drop-off locations in the same direction, the driver can pick them up. Along the route, the driver can then drop the passengers in the order of their destination as the app suggests.

Why Opt for Ridesharing?

There are many reasons a rider may want to choose the rideshare option. Some of them are:

Save Money: If you are looking for pocket-friendly options, you can share rides with others riding in the same direction as you. Since you are sharing rides with other riders, it considerably lowers the fares. 

Eco-friendly: Another pressing reason you may want to opt for ridesharing is it does good for the environment. By sharing rides, you are only avoiding any extra emissions. So, if you are someone who is keen on conserving our surroundings, you may want to opt for rideshare. 

How Ridesharing Works for Riders?

Riders can request to share rides with other riders from the ridesharing app by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign into the app and enter your destination. You can either enter manually or select from the saved locations. 

Step 2: Select the service type that lets you take shared rides. 

Step 3: The app then matches you with the closest driver heading in the same direction as you, along with other riders. 

Step 4: You can rate your trip on reaching your address. You can also tip your driver in the app. 

Rideshare Companies that Enable Shared Rides

Some of the companies that allow shared rides are:

Uber: Uber briefly paused the shared rides option and introduced it again in 2021. Uber enables shared rides with the UberX Share ride option.

Lyft:  Riders of Lyft can ride with other passengers by selecting the Shared option. Riders can get an estimate of the shared ride cost. 

Grab: The Singapore-headquartered rideshare company has introduced the GrabShare service, where many riders heading in the same direction can share rides. 

Via: Via, another rideshare company founded in 2012, allows a rider to share a ride with up to five passengers. 

Benefits of Ridesharing:

  • Booking a ride to travel alone will comparatively cost more than when sharing the ride. 
  • Ridesharing vastly lowers the number of vehicles on the road. It helps reduce congestion. 
  • Reduction in the level of greenhouse gases is another critical benefit of ridesharing.
  • Bringing people closer and providing chances to make meaningful connections.

In Conclusion,

Shared rides are one of the crucial features of a ridesharing app that riders increasingly prefer for a number of reasons. In addition to helping keep costs down, it also significantly lowers the toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Many rideshare apps enable shared rides, keeping this in mind, letting people do their part in conserving the planet. 

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