There are certain times when the demand for rides is higher than usual. It may be for various reasons. Extreme weather conditions like rainfall and snow storms are a few times when the need can go high. The demand for taxis rises during rush hours, too, when everyone is on their way to offices, colleges, or returning to their homes.  Among the many features of a rideshare app, heatmap is a helpful one that lets drivers know when there is an increased demand. In this blog, we will learn more about the heatmap feature and how useful it can prove to be. 

How Does it Work?

The heatmap feature in the driver’s app lets them know the area from where there are most ride requests. It also makes the driver aware if more drivers are in an area at a given time. As many people request rides and the demand increases, the fare charges also may rise. It is called surge pricing, where the fare is higher than usual. 

Often, the rideshare company implements surge pricing to ensure every rider can catch a ride despite the tough times. The app lets the rider know of the fare rise. It enables the rider to consider their situation carefully and then take the ride or wait to see if the charges return to normal. 

How Can the Heatmap Feature Be Beneficial?

The heatmap feature offers the following benefits:

  • This feature improves the customer experience by informing drivers of the places of high ride requests and letting riders take rides on time without any inconvenience. 
  • It provides options for drivers to earn more as there is an increase in ride requests. 
  • Rideshare companies can retain their customers by providing a good experience with the help of this feature. 

How to Identify the Areas with More Ride Requests?

The rideshare app makes it easy for drivers to identify the areas when there is a surge. The app highlights and marks such locations in a different color. Most often, the colors used are orange or red. For instance, the Uber app notifies the driver of the areas with increased earning opportunities with red and fewer possibilities with orange. 

How Can the Heatmap Feature Help Achieve Flexibility for Drivers? 

Choosing rides according to their interests enhances the experience for drivers. Rideshare companies aim to improve the work culture by providing flexible work options. A driver may sometimes look for options to maximize their revenue. At times like this, the heatmap feature proves to be highly beneficial. 

Drivers can view the high-demand areas and accept ride requests from such places or choose requests with less demand. A lot of factors may go into their decision-making. Sometimes, increased traffic in high-demand places may cause them to take fewer daily trips. It may make them less profit than they may have earned in more trips to less-demand areas with low traffic. It all comes down to what they choose to do with the available data. 

In Conclusion,

The heatmap feature is undoubtedly one of the critical features of a rideshare app. It helps riders get rides even if there is a high demand. It is also favorable to drivers, assisting them in earning more. It definitely is a win-win for all parties involved! 

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