As the number of people looking to order their things using mobile apps increases. The number of companies looking to start their business entirely based on mobile apps. Today there is lots of competition in the food ordering industry. So many entrepreneurs are looking to start their custom food ordering script to build their brand among competitors like Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato, etc. 

If you want to build custom food ordering software, you can use a ready-made online food ordering and delivery software. Today lots of websites and mobile app development companies have to build ready-made food ordering software. It provides a solution for an entrepreneur, startups looking to start an online business. 

FoodStar and RebuEats:

The best ready-made online food ordering, delivery software is FoodStar and RebuEats. Startups can use these scripts to start a business with it. It has all the standard features of every food ordering software in it. Both these scripts are coded with the Laravel and MEAN stack framework respectively. Customers can customize these scripts as per their expectations.

Features of Online Food Ordering Script:

The important features of every online food ordering, the delivery script must have been given below.

  • Order Delivery Confirmation
  • Order Pickup
  • Feedback System
  • Restaurant Management
  • Review Ratings and Booking

Order Delivery Confirmation:

It is one of the important options in online food ordering script. It sends the order delivery confirmation via push notification for both restaurants and customers.

Order Pickup:

After a customer places an order, Nearby delivery boy can accept the order. The corresponding delivery boy will pick up the order and delivers it to the customer.

Feedback System:

A customer can review and provide feedback about the restaurants. Feedback reviews from the customers helps to list the restaurants.

Restaurant Management:

This option is only available to the admin of the product. Admin can add, remove, edit restaurant details anytime. It is helpful to ban a restaurant from the listings.

Review Ratings and Booking:

One of the powerful options in the custom food ordering script. It helps both the admin, customers to understand better about the restaurant. 

Impressed with our FoodStar and RebuEats. You can also start your custom food ordering script

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