AIRSTAR – Airbnb PHP clone Script is specialized for booking rooms at hotels while we travel across the country. The clone aims in creating multi-service for hotel booking during travel. With a variety of services included in the site, it has got all the potential to generate a huge user base among the domestic as well as international travelers.


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AirStar Airbnb clone is coded in PHP 5 and MySQL using Laravel Framework, scalable structural architecture with high emphasize given to JS, Ajax, jQuery etc. Airstar Airbnb clone allows easier to develop and customize similar websites with quality and speed.

AirStar has following Features:


  • All data regarding hotel deals can be searched through a search engine
  • According to user preferences, the search shows a list of special offers, travel packages, Hot Deals, Trendy Now and Last minute Deal on the home page. Additionally, it displays the deal of the day according to special offers.
  • In hotel listing, we give more options to filter the data like price, services, food and etc…
  • Admin can customize the filtering option
  • List the hotels as low as price wise, Customer can see the rooms within the hotel
  • Hotel Rooms page we show similar hotels in right side, so Customer gets their hotels easily when they need to change
  • We can specify amenities and facilities of the hotel
  • Customer can give review & rating for each hotel
  • For each user account can be created separately, and the users travel information is stored in the corresponding account.
  • User can modify their profile details and there are facilities to print e-tickets and cancellation of tickets
  • Customer can save his favorite hotels using Wishlist
  • Google Map & Street Views can be viewed
  • Payment Gateway Integration is reachable
  • It’s SEO friendly and customizable admin panel with user-friendly


  • The Super admin can control all the users and Customers easily
  • In dashboard, we listed the recent users
  • Separate menu is provided for all options
  • Option to create infinite pages and blogs
  • Newsletter to send mail to your all subscribers
  • Static blocks are changed your needed content
  • All the settings in one page
  • Search & sorting within the grid system and Bootstrap pagination
  • Export the grid tables
  • Bulk remove options