One of the best clone script is AirStar – Airbnb clone Script in 2018. AirStar – Airbnb Clone Script is specialised for booking rooms at hotels while we travel across the country. The clone aims at creating multi-service for hotel booking during travel. With a variety of services included in the site, it has got all the potential to generate a huge user base among the domestic as well as international travellers.

Airbnb has been the successful business model among the tours and travel industry, which influence many entrepreneurs to enter into this industry. Establishment of the travel booking business exactly like Airbnb is achieved through tailor-made Airbnb clone Script. The things which you have to be sure enough is that, the resilience and the high richness of the facilities designed in your travel booking website. Because the high-quality features of the massive travel booking website will impact you in the way of making money.

Amazing features of AirStar – Airbnb Clone Script

• Messaging features
• Manage calendar as host
• Host Commission
• Business Profile
• Travel Credits
• Manage Listing
• Google Map Integration
• Advanced Filter Options
• Commission Tracking Management
• Unlimited Guest and Host
• Menu Management
• Multi- Language
• Unlimited Property Listing

Give an interesting booking option for the world travellers by creating a unique online booking platform with the numerous revenue generating features. Our vacation rental booking script meets all your demands extremely.