Airbnb is an online marketplace between host and travellers. By using this platform, the host can list their space and can make money with it. Airbnb also empowers travellers to search and find their ideal space. It allows travellers to collaborate with the local people. Airbnb is available in more than 190 countries all around the world.

History of Airbnb:

It is all started when the founders of Airbnb [Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky] was struggling to pay for rent. They were looking for extra money to look after their expenses. They noticed all the rooms in the city are booked. Co-founders used this opportunity. They bought some airbeds and put up a site named “AirBed & Breakfast.” It offers travellers a place to sleep. Soon after they decided to start this big. Then Nathan Blecharczyk joined the team as a co-founder. Here is where the magic happened. Impressed with their ideas, they got huge funding’s from Y Combinator and many more.

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Airbnb Business Model:

It involves three types of users, Customer, Hosts, and Admin. Airbnb earns commission money whenever a customer pays for Hosts. Airbnb gets income mainly from these two sources,
1. Commission amount from Hosts / Owners.
2. Exchange charge from Travellers / Guests.

How Airbnb Discovers clients?

Airbnb Clients involves both the Hosts and travellers. They discover clients mainly based on the following aspects.
1. Digital Marketing
2. Verbal Exchange
3. Social Media
4. Special Offers

How to start a business like Airbnb:

By seeing the success of Airbnb website, many entrepreneurs and startup companies are looking to start Airbnb like a business. AirStar is the clone script of Airbnb. It is developed using the laravel framework. By using the AirStar product. It can be customised according to the client’s expectation. AirStar – Airbnb Clone contains different panels for different users, Admin panel, Customer panel, Host panel.