Uber founded by Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp, and Ryan Graves in 2009. Uber is an on-demand taxi booking app it partners with local cab drivers and provides traveling option for the riders by using its app both in and around the city. Uber is currently operating in more than 633 cities worldwide. The value of uber in current status is $60 billion.

How Uber Works?

Uber has different apps for rider and driver platforms. It facilitates the rider requests through the app in and around cities. A driver needs to signup with the uber app to accept rides. A rider has a separate app from which they can ride from the drivers. The nearest driver from the surroundings will get riders request. If that corresponding driver is busy, he or she can disapprove that request. Then request is gone to other drivers.

Uber Business Model:


The user or rider of the app, request a ride from the driver around that area.

Driver Accept:

On rider request, Notification sent to the nearest cab driver. He has two options, To accept or Decline. On the decline, the notification will be sent to another driver.

Ride & Track:

A rider can track the driver who is coming to pick her/him up. One the trip started, a rider can view the map whether the driver is going in the right path or not.


Uber offers different payment options based on the location. For example, the riders in India can pay with cash. Uber also provides a wallet payment method. Uber also keeps track upon the ratings and feedback’s.

Best Uber clone script:

Based on the success of the uber, Many entrepreneurs and startups are thrilled to start a business like Uber. One of the best uber clone scripts is RebuStar. It has different apps for the rider and driver. RebuStar is developed for entrepreneurs and startup business.