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Today we are getting into a busy world. Everything becomes on-demand, with no or less time to manage the household chores. Nowadays, all-in-one applications are big trends. These concepts are getting more popular day-by-day for unavoidable reasons. Think people can not prefer to operate 10-different apps by satisfying their needs. Instead of that, they prefer all-in-one applications. That’s why Gojek has become a no1 business in the marketplace. And the rising demand for multi-service is encouraging people to move on to downloading on-demand apps like Gojek

Here is a short note about Gojek Clone App. It is a kind of multi-service app that offers a variety of services under one roof of application.

Most of the business owners are inspired to invest by building Gojek Clone App. Let’s dig well into the concept. 

Have A Deep Look At What Is Gojek Clone App?

Abservetech, We offer the best Gojek clone app as per the client’s business needs. It is a perfect online ready-made solution that evolves with a 100% white label. 

Our Gojek clone is perfectly suited for all industries and gets an advanced technology solution to run different businesses under one application. Our multi-service on-demand app offers a wide range of on-demand services that includes 

1) Pickup & Delivery

2) Ride-Sharing

3) Food Delivery

4) Grocery Delivery

5) Beauty & Salon

6) Taxi Services

7) E-commerce

8) Logistic

9) Car Washing

Why Invest In Gojek Clone App 2024?

With our feature-rich and super adaptable solution, a client can create a custom Gojek app that boosts your business to stand out from the competition.

1) Multiple Services

  • The purpose of creating the Gojek App has wide benefits. With one single app, you can start multiple online businesses like the above.

2) Multiple Openings

  • Shift your business more efficiently with our notable features like map optimization, in-app chat, analytics & more.

3) Multiple Advantages

  • We assist you to cut down on overall expenses by replacing costly Google APIs with more affordable options.

Blend New Version Features In Your Gojek Clone App

1) Feedback cards 

Users now have easy access to reporting feedback via Gojek while on a

journey, as exposed to only after the ride has ended. 

We provide bright-colored feedback cards available at the bottom of the booking screen. By touching any one of the cards, users can share how their journey is going in real-time: 

a) Whether they are enjoying the company of a friendly driver.

b) If their pick-up point needs to be better showing on the map. 

According to the research, we observed that customers are more likely to share feedback if they can effortlessly do it in their ride, and such feedback is the most trustworthy and valuable to the company. 

2) Safety Pledge 

This feature shows a list of precautions that drivers/passengers must take when using the Gojek ride-hailing service, such as using a mask at all times. It will show at the time of booking and reminds them of the safety precautions. Only by accepting the Safety Pledge – by hitting the, I Accept button – users achieve their booking and future orders.

3) Safe Trip Kit 

It is a beneficial button on our Gojek app that encourages drivers of their safety and security while on a Gojek ride. 

While hit, the button will expose a drop-down menu of diverse safety functions. It includes an option for users to bestow their trip to the loved one by allowing real-time tracking of their trip and a booklet with complete information on how our Gojek rides retain safe and clean. 

4) Safer logins 

Users will quickly log in to our Gojek accounts using device-based authentication (such as facial recognition or fingerprint identification) or Magic Link (an authentication URL used to check the user device). 

Compared to current authorization means, both are profoundly secure login methods. It will decrease the risk of account takeovers and enhance the security of a user.

Gojek is bound to making security core to our services and will continue to look at fresh ways to enhance the user experience.

Here Is The Conclusion

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur considering a venture into this ever-growing on-demand multi-service industry, Gojek Clone App is the solution to your longtime research. 

Whether you want to create this on-demand multiple-service app, then approach Abservetech – the best app development company in India.

Since it is a ready-made online app solution, we offer flexibility to customize the features, themes, and more the way you’re an on-demand business. 

Once you take the demo, you never leave us. Let’s quickly launch the Gojek clone app and make 10X revenue.

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