Over the past three years, Based on the traffic stats, the number of people searching for the keyword “on-demand taxi application” is increasing. If you are looking to build an on-demand taxi booking app, you can do it by two methods. They are,

1) Start from scratch
2) You can buy a ready-made taxi booking application.

I would say, Abservetech provides the best on-demand taxi booking application over the other competitors in the market. Here are the unique features available in the RebuStar, they are,

Unique Features to update in an On-demand Taxi app development:

  • Promo Codes
  • Driver Payment package
  • God’s view
  • Carpooling / Share taxi
  • Surge / Peak hours pricing
  • Wallet payment
  • Heat map
  • Live meter
  • Ride later
  • SMS gateway

Promo Codes:

Promo codes, By using these codes, the user can invite their friends into the RebuStar platform. Using these codes, the users can earn discounts easily.

Driver Payment Package:

It is a pre-recharge. A driver can credit money to their wallet by purchasing a package. RebuStar driver can use money while paying the commission amount for the admin. It is helpful during emergencies.

God’s View:

It lets the admin of the RebuStar product search for a vehicle in the back-end by entering the details like vehicle type, location, and driver name.

Carpooling / Share taxi:

Carpooling allows the riders to share their rides with fellow riders. It results in less pollution, fewer taxi fare, fewer toll price. 

Surge / Peak hours Pricing:

This option allows the admin to add peak hours price. Admin can set this price according to the customer demand, traffic, and other factors.

Wallet Payment:

Wallet payment is available for the RebuStar riders, which allows the corresponding riders to pay taxi fare using their wallet instantly.

Heat Map:

It shows the RebuStar activity to the admin. The high traffic area is shown in Orange color, followed by lesser activities in other colors.

Live Meter:

The live taxi meter shows the live price value for the rider. It is available by calculating the distance and their price range.

Ride Later:

The rider later option allows the rider to book a taxi for their future purposes. It is one of the advanced features of our RebuStar product. Riders around the world are using this feature more often than ever. 

SMS Gateway:

This option is available for the RebuStar admin. The admin of the RebuStar product can use this option to send bulk SMS to both the RebuStar Rider and the Drivers instantly.

Cost Required to build an On-demand Taxi app:

The cost for building an on-demand taxi application mainly demands on the features available in that application. If you are looking to start from scratch, it may cost from $10000 to $20000. Here are the technologies available in our RebuStar product.

Technologies available in our RebuStar product:

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS
  • Nexmo
  • Twilio
  • Stripe
  • Braintree

Our RebuStar product is available in three variants. They are the Driver, Rider, and Admin panel. Here are the corresponding links for your reference,

RebuStar Links:

RebuStar apps in the Android ecosystem:

Rider App: 


Driver App: 


RebuStar apps in the iOS ecosystem:

Rider App: 


Driver App: 


By using these apps, and panels you can start your own online taxi booking platform instantly. 

If you are impressed with our RebuStar product, you can contact us.

Here are the ways to connect with us,

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